How To Fold Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs

The Tommy Bahama chairs are an excellent option for those who frequently visit the beach. Such chairs are easy to set up, and you can place them anywhere. They can be folded and easy to take anywhere. However, they are a bit tricky to close and flatten. Many newbies don’t know how to fold Tommy Bahama beach chairs. To answer this question, we have put down here some useful information that might be helpful for you.

Fortunately, some advanced Tommy Bahama beach chairs can be folded easily by applying pressure to the back or front metal bar below the seat. Once you have folded the chair, all you need to do is just slide on the backpack straps. On the other way, you can hold onto the rubber handle to transport the seat securely and safely.

There are a few simple methods through which you can easily fold the chair. Here in this article, we will explain these methods in simple steps. By following these simple steps, you will not only be able to fold the chair but also set it up easily again for future outgoings.

Method 1: Closing the Chair

Step 1: First of all, place your foot on the back metal leg of the seat.

At the initial step, your seat is still in an upright position; place one of your feet on the back metal of the chair. However, take notice if something is there in all side pockets and storage pouches. Make sure that all of them are empty, so nothing spills out.

Alternate: Instead of placing the feet on a metal bar, you can also collapse the seat by pushing and kneeling the seat physically from the front metal bar down instead. As you place one hand on the top edge of the backrest, lean the upright chair onto the back metal bar. Then use the other hand to push down the front metal bar.

Step 2: Fold the chair by pushing the backrest forward

Since your feet are placed on the back metal bar, keep stepping on it as you begin collapsing your seat. Finally, jog the backrest forward with one hand, and let the seat collapse ultimately. When you have done this process, make sure to check the back towel bar is the flat back of the chair while you have closed the chair.

Step 3: Secure the buckle along the seat top.

Now it’s time to find the plastic buckle attached to a strap on the top of the backrest. Furthermore, look at the pronged plastic buckle attached to the seat’s base. Now, clip both buckles into place. In this way, the seat portions and backrest won’t separate from one another while transporting.

  • This type of buckle is identical, as seen on many fanny packs.
  • Before carrying the chair, shake it out well to get rid of any sand
  • Make sure that you have pulled the top buckle strap below the handle.

Step 4: Slip the arms below the padded straps to carry the chair.

Below the seat cushion, find out the two padded straps that run parallel to one another. Now, place an arm under each strap and pull them on the shoulders. Now, make sure that the seat is close to your back and it’s easy to stand and walk.

  • The style of transportation is perfect as you need the hands free to carry other items like bags, beach blankets, and other things, etc.
  • On the other hand, you can hold onto the rubber hand located on the top of the backrest to carry the chair.
  • The Tommy Bahama’s chair is lightweight, having a weight of just 7 pounds. They are easy to transport.

Method 2: Opening the chair

Step 1: Hold the chair together and unclip the buckle.

To open the chair, press the outer prongs of the buckle inwards. While they are pushed inside, pull out the top buckle quickly. Now, flip the top buckle strap behind the backrest for safety, and swing the bottom buckle below the seat rest.

Step 2: Pull the seat cushion and the backrest apart until the seat is extended.

Place one hand on the backrest and another one on the edge of the seat cushion. Keep continuing to pull apart both sections until the seat is in an upright position. Apply a little pressure on the right arm while you are sitting on the chair to recline the seat.

  • You can recline Tommy Bahama’s chair in five different positions. It moves in a fluid motion but doesn’t click into place as you adjust. You can lie the seat completely flat if you want.

Step 3: Check both legs are secure.

Ensure that the chair is placed securely in a flat position and has a sturdy section on the ground. Moreover, before sitting on the chair, make sure both metal bars are fully extended. After all, satisfaction, it’s time you can sit and relax in your Tommy Bahama chair.

Adjustments on Tommy Bahama chair:

Adjust the back of a chair: While adjusting the chair’s back, don’t put your fingers below your arms. Instead, while you are sitting, lean forward on the chair, take pressure off the backrest, grip the front of the arms and lift. Now, move the backrest to the desired position and press the arms down.

Adjust the pillow: The pillow used in Tommy Bahama chairs are removable and can be raised or lowered according to your desire by adjusting the Velcro straps. Furthermore, you can flip over the back of the chair while still staying attached.


Are Tommy Bahama beach chairs good?

Tommy Bahama is the top brand for all summer gear and well-known for beach chairs. Though they are a bit pricey, we would recommend you to get one of them. These chairs are long-lasting and featured some advanced functionalities.

How much does a Tommy Bahama chair weigh?

Typically, the average weight of a Tommy Bahama chair is about 7 to 8 pounds. It varies from model to model and the material used in it. It’s lightweight, and you can carry it around easily.

How to care for Tommy Bahama’s chair?

Everything physical thing requires maintenance and care for long-lasting. You can care for Tommy Bahama’s chair by cleaning it regularly. Try to clean it with water-based shampoo or foam cleaner.


The Tommy Bahama chairs are a great way to relax at the beach and enjoy your weekend. You can carry them easily like a backpack and place them anywhere you want. Since they are lightweight, it’s not difficult to lift them up. After relaxing, if you want to go back home, you can easily fold them and pick them up like a backpack. Most people don’t know how to fold Tommy Bahama’s chair. In this article, we explained the procedure with simple and easy steps. We hope you got everything right.

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