How To Dry Surf Booties

The surf booties can cumulate dirt, smell, and all other unpleasant containments. Just like a surf suit, the surf booties need to clean and wash regularly. The washing is straightforward, but many people don’t know how to dry surf booties. If the boots remain wet, it will be an ideal place to breed bacteria and form unpleasant smells. It probably happens due to improper drying and especially if not rinsed well.

Furthermore, if they are not dried properly, it can affect the boots’ quality and take a toll on their longevity. If you are a beginner to use surf booties, you don’t need to worry as we will help you to learn how you can dry the surf boots and care for them well. Before we move on to the drying process, let’s talk about how you can wash the surf booties with proper instructions and the right products.

Rinsing the Surf Booties:

The first thing that comes first always rinses the surf booties in freshwater before starting the dry process. If you place the boots to dry without rinsing them, they can start damaging. Also, don’t use any harsh soaps or detergents for washing the boots because they can impact the pores and cause damages.

Don’t rely on used water; it is necessary to get fresh water for rinsing the shoes. Also, keep in mind, never use a washer and dryer to wash your surf suit or booties.

Steps before drying the boots:

Moreover, for drying purposes, don’t keep the boots in direct sunlight as the UV rays can impact the neoprene and cause premature breakdown. Finally, remember that convenient places for dripping water like washrooms are not good for drying purposes. Such places are humid and generally contain humidity from excessive water available there.

On the other hand, the garages are excellent places to get the initial dripping phase of drying out the boots. After washing the booties, make sure to wring out the shoes using a dry towel. The benefit of doing this is the towel will absorb maximum residual water as possible. Furthermore, you will start the drying process with the boots as dry as you can get them.

Drying the surf booties:

There are different techniques through which you can dry the boots easily. Let’s discuss each of them briefly.

  • After using the drying towel, when the boots are slightly damp to the touch, you can move them to a warm area to dry them. You might have a broom or brooms at home. Get it and place the boots upside down on the top of the broom’s handle. However, if your boots have a zipper or pull tab, you can hang them easily with a peg hook or something similar.
  • The other way to dry the surf booties is by stuffing the damp boots with newspaper. It will help you to speed up the drying process. However, don’t do this procedure if your boots are more wet than damp. Because the newspaper can dissolve in the boots, and it could be difficult to get rid of it.
  • Another fast-drying method is to keep the boots near a fan if it is possible. Probably, it is a quick way to dry the boots.
  • If you found all the above procedures difficult and want to go beyond, then go for a drying device if it is possible to get one.

Summing Up:

To conclude it all on drying the surf booties, here are some abbreviations of all steps:

  1. Wring out extra water from boots or use a dry towel
  2. Keep the surf booties in a warm and dry area where there is no humidity or cold temperatures. If possible, try to place them in front of a fan.
  3. The best way is to keep the booties on the broom or brooms if you got them. Try to place upside down on the top of the handles. On the other hand, if the boots have a pull tab or zipper, then hang them for quick drying.
  4. Is there an available newspaper lying around you? Stuff the boots slightly with them.

This is all we have in this section. I hope you got everything right and attained all the required information for how to dry surf booties.


Why do I need to dry out my surf booties?

Drying out the surf booties after every session should be on priority for many reasons. Firstly, if you go with the snaggy boot, it will give you a very unpleasant feeling. Secondly, like all other shoes, it will give a very bad smell all the time. Thirdly, the constant damp state is not a good sign for boots themselves. If you dry them properly, they will be significantly last longer.

Can I dry Surf booties in sunlight?

No, the UV rays are highly dangerous for Surf boots. They can damage the pores and make them crack. Always dry these boots in warm and out of reach of sunlight.

Can I dry the booties by placing them in front of the fan?

Yes, you can do it this way. Furthermore, it is the best and excellent way to dry the surf booties quickly. Prefer this method if you have a spare fan at home.

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