Top 7 Best Throw Flashlight Under $100 Reviews 2022

Are you keen on overnight outdoor trips? If your answer is yes then you have landed on the right page because in this article we are going to tell you about one of the most necessary and important survival gears, it is to throw flashlights.

To make your trip, hunting, kicking, and camping unforgettable and memorable you need a throw flashlight. We will introduce you to high quality and the best throw flashlight under 100 dollars.

Best Throw Flashlight Under 100 Reviews 2022

After careful research of the market and analyzing hundreds of reviews on reliable internet sources, we have selected the top 7 best throw flashlights under 100. This article will be a good source of information for you to easily pick the perfect throw flashlight according to your circumstances.

Additionally, we will try to include all information that could be important regarding the throw flashlight.

1-UltraTac K18 Powerful Keychain Flashlight-Black

UltraTac K18 Powerful Keychain Flashlight-Black

UltraTac K18 is the most powerful waterproof keychain flashlight. It is easy to use, economical, and practical. The solid construction makes it durable while the waterproof feature ensures to provide high-class performance in heavy rain, snow, or any emergency situation in the dark nights.

It is made with high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. This size of the flashlight is small but it produces a very strong 370 lumens output which delivers a long-distance beam light.

Irrespective of other ordinary flashlights, it is convenient to use with its exclusive side-switch so you don’t need to rotate the light in order to turn it on just press the large button.

It uses one AAA battery as a power source. To recharge the battery a Micro USB cable comes in the box and it can easily be connected with a computer, USB wall charger, or USB car charger.

UltraTac K18 gives 3 brightness modes and strobe for different distances. Moreover, the intelligent system remembers the last mode when turned off and enters in the same mode when again turning on the flashlight.

The study body of the flashlight can survive up to a 1.5-meter accidental drop.

2-Lumintop GT Mini Long Range Flashlight

Lumintop GT Mini is an extraordinarily long-range flashlight with Cree high-class XP-L LED neutral white or cold white that has a 50000 hours lifespan. The Study construction of the flashlight consists of an aircraft-grade aluminum body and military-grade (HA-III) anodized surface.

It is one of the best EDC flashlights with features 750 meters long beam distance, 1200 lumens max output, and 135,000 cd beam intensity. The waterproof resistance of Lumintop GT Mini is up to 30 minutes at a depth of 2 meters.

It is very convenient to use with its top button, compact size and has just 150g of weight. It is beautifully designed for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, cave exploration, hiking, and night walks.

Additionally, you can also use it in your home or farm. Mode-set UI allows users to simply adjust the brightness of each mode. To achieve the highest level of reliability, Lumintop GT Mini Flashlight has IPX8 waterproof certification.

The anti-slip knurling allows holding the flashlight firmly in your hand even though if it drops accidentally it has the ability to survive from up to 5 meters in height.

3-Acebeam T27 Cree XHP35 HI LED 2500 Lumens Power Bank Flashlight

Acebeam T27 Cree XHP35 HI LED 2500 Lumens Power Bank Flashlight

Acebeam T27 Cree XHP35 is the brightest tactical flashlight. Top grade quality material is used for the construction of this beautiful throw flashlight. With its high-class Cree XHP35, it provides the brightest light beam of 1180 meters long and it will not leave any area dark within its range.

The design is aesthetically good with two side switches. One of the switches at the top controls 5 modes output selection and also strobe activation while the other switch on the tail of the flashlight is for momentary illumination or one-touch turbo mode.

It consists of fast charging built-in Micro-USB port that can directly charge the flashlight by computer, wall charger, car charger, phone charger, or power bank. Charging status indicator lights are available on the top of the flashlight.

IPX8 waterproof feature enables it to work smoothly in heavy rain and other extreme conditions. It includes a large capacity long-life 5100mAh battery to achieve the optimal runtime that can run up to 30 days.

An ultra-clear tempered glass lens with an anti-reflective coating is used to get the clear and sharp light while tactical knurling on the surface is used for a firm grip.

4-Acebeam W30 Long Range LEP Flashlight

Acebeam W30 Long Range LEP Flashlight

Acebeam W30 Long Range is an incredible LEP Flashlight with a 2408 throw. It provides remarkable lighting results with its 500 lumens and 1,450,000cd peak beam intensity. A high-quality convex lens focuses a light beam in a certain manner to throw it at an optimum distance.

At the top of the light toughened ultra-clear glass with anti-reflective coating is responsible for sharp and clear light. It is a reliable throw flashlight gadget for your personal use having standard tripod socket compatibility.

White LEP (Laser Excitation Phosphor) emitter enables Acebeam W30 flashlight to produce cool white light. It weighs just 248g and has max length of 4.68 inches which makes it ultra-portable.

The design of the Acebeam W30 is pretty simple, consists of only four main parts: head, body, rechargeable battery, and tail cap. The rechargeable process is simple with its Micro-USB port.

The stainless steel button on the tail cap section is used for fast and convenient operation while digitally regulated output works well to maintain constant brightness. The direct throw of light into any person or animal’s eyes could be harmful because of the high intensity of the Acebeam W30 flashlight.

5-Lumintop BLF GT Long Throw Flashlight

Lumintop BLF GT Long Throw Flashlight

Lumintop BLF GT is a remarkably high-intensity long-throw flashlight. It is a perfect throw flashlight for professionals and home use. You can enjoy the long-distance up to 2000 meters of beam light for outdoor activities while the 2000 lumens give extraordinary clear and sharp white light.

The elegant design consists of four main parts: head section, body section, 2×battery fixers, and tail section. Single touch turns on/off rubber button at the tail section makes the flashlight easy to use.

It is made with high-quality aluminum and hard plastic while superb lens glass with anti-reflective coating gives excellent lighting results. The aluminum used to construct this Study flashlight is Type III hard-coat anodizing.

You can easily fix it on a standard tripod with its ¼ inch tripod socket. The only drawback of the Lumintop BLF GT flashlight is that it consumes a large amount of energy.

You have to install 8×batteries to turn it on (batteries are not included) while the Klarus C8 8×slots smart charger is used to conveniently recharge batteries all in once.

Lumintop BLF GT is an ideal throw flashlight to get Cold White (CW) and Natural White (NW) light.

6-Nitecore MH12GTS 1800 Lumen Long Throw USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Nitecore MH12GTS 1800 Lumen Long Throw USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Nitecore MH12GTS 1800 Lumen Long Throw USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight is a perfect choice for professionals and home users to get the ultra-bright long-throw beam. It features upgraded power of 1800 lumens and it can throw light up to 226 meters long distance.

This throw light can be used for search and rescue, tactical, emergencies, and many other outdoor activities like hunting, camping, and night walk. The tactical tail cap switch enables it to operate with one hand.

It provides multiple modes and the intelligent system memorizes your previously returned brightness level. Additionally, it offers direct access to ultra flow and turbo mode which give you thorough control of the flashlight.

Nitecore MH12GTS comes in a complete package means everything you need to power and recharge right out of the box. The bundle of the Nitecore MH12GTS flashlight includes a rechargeable battery, rechargeable organizer, pocket clip, lanyard, holster, spare-o-ring, USB charging cable, and tactical ring.

The user-friendly interface of the flashlight provides quick access to 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes. The built-in battery charging Micro-USB port allows a fast and safe charging process.

Besides all that, a waterproof design with a rubber cover provides superb dust and water resistance.

7-ThruNite Catapult V6 Rechargeable Mini Throw Flashlight


ThruNite Catapult V6 Rechargeable Mini is one of the best reliable and powerful thrower flashlights with a smooth reflector. This handheld flashlight features high-quality Cree XHP35 HI LED and 1700 high lumens to get extraordinary results.

The super bright flashlight consists of six brightness levels: low, medium, high, firefly, strobe, and turbo. It is powered by a high capacity 5000mAh battery while the built-in USB charging port enables it to recharge comfortably.

The smart function of a low battery reminder informs the user when the battery voltage is low. The Study construction of the ThruNite Catapult V6 Rechargeable Mini flashlight is made with a high-quality aerospace-grade aluminum body with a military-grade hard-anodized finish.

The tactical knurling on the body of the flashlight is specially designed to give a firm grip and strong construction enables it to withstand accidental drops up to 1.5 meters.

The package includes cool white color ThruNite Catapult V6 flashlight, rechargeable battery, Micro USB charging cable, holster, and lanyard. It can conveniently recharge with a computer, wall USB charger, or car USB charger.

The powerful ThruNite Catapult V6 Rechargeable Mini gives an ultra-long beam distance of up to 750 meters.

What is a throw flashlight?

Before going into deep dive we will tell you what exactly the throw flashlight is. Actually, a throw flashlight is a small handheld light that produces long beam light used to watch objects present from a long distance.

Why are throw flashlights important?

Throw flashlights are important because of their exceptional long-distance light quality. It provides you long-distance beam light. You can comfortably use it in your home, farm, or can take it with you on your overnight trips for an excellent emergency light solution.

Where can throw flashlights be used?

Throw flashlights can be used for multiple purposes such as Outdoor activities, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, emergency, and home use. Whenever you travel you should take it with your luggage.

What does candela mean in a throw flashlight?

Candela (cd) is the base measurement of luminous intensity. Candela tells you about the brightness of the light source and it is also commonly called candlepower.

How to measure a throw of flashlight?

The throw of the flashlight is basically the distance up to where the light can go. It is not very difficult to measure the throw of the flashlight. Lux meter is used to measure the amount and throw of light. It is a simple gadget and very easy to use.

Procedure to use Lux meter

The procedure to use the Lux meter in order to find out the throw of the light is very simple.

  1. Turn on the flashlight
  2. Set the Lux meter to record the light intensity
  3. Move the Lux meter around the hotspot to get the highest reading (candela)

Lux meter measures the light in candela which is not a common unit for everyone therefore we need to convert it into meters.

How to convert candela into meters and miles?

After recording the value from the Lux meter which is in candela we convert it into meters. To convert the candela into one meter you just multiply Lux meter values by 25 which will convert the Lux meter value at 1 meter.

You should remember the simple formula to convert candela into meters. The throw of the light is the square root of the light intensity in candela divided by 0.25 which gives meters. This way you can easily convert any candela value into meters.

What do you need to look for in the best throw flashlight?

Before purchasing the best throw flashlight you should be very much clear about the use of the throw flashlight. The uses of the throw flashlights could be different for every consumer. Some users want to get the throw flashlights for outdoor activities but others buy them for home use or just for the sake of fun.

Below are some important factors which you should consider in order to get the perfect throw flashlight.


The performance of the throw flashlight should be reliable enough that you take it with you without any worry. Most of the time, throw flashlights are used as an emergency light for your outdoor activities therefore it is very important that it should work well for all conditions whenever you need the light.


Durability is one of the core factors to be considered to get a high-quality product. It is very important when you go outside with your throw light it must give you the required result and it is only possible when it has a certain level of durability.

The high-quality material used to manufacture the throw flashlight creates a durable product and these durable products have a long life span.


Price is the main concern of every second consumer. It is recommended that when you consider the price factor you should never compromise the quality and performance. The price of the throw flashlight matters and it can disturb your budget but some good options are available in the market, by availing of these options you can get a high-quality throw flashlight at a reasonable price.


Throw flashlights come in different power consumptions. Some throw flashlights powered by AA or AAA batteries while others use lithium-ion cells. The number of cells used by the throw flashlights is also different and it depends upon the construction and the design of the throw flashlight.

Whatever the number of cells or the type of cell a throw flashlight is used, it should produce a decent amount of light. Power used by the throw flashlight can also affect the light intensity of the throw flashlight.


The size of the throw flashlight is also different according to the manufacturer’s design. Some people are comfortable with small pocket size throw flashlights while others like to get a large one. To get the right size throw flashlight you should have a clear idea about the use of your throw flashlight.

Obviously, the performance and other factors can also affect the size of the throw flashlight. The main advantage to getting the small and compact size throw flashlight is that it would be portable so you can carry it easily anywhere with you.

Beam distance

It is one of the vital factors of throwing flashlights. You should always pick a throw flashlight having a longer beam distance because the longer the beam distance will be, the better the performance of the throw flashlight will get.


We have seen that there are many different types of throw flashlights available in the market with various functionalities. After careful research of the market, we have reviewed the top 7 best throw flashlights under 100 dollars.

We have tried our best to choose only those who throw flashlights that are not just affordable but also have decent quality. All our selected models are good enough to use for professionals and home users.

We also have been given all the necessary information about the throw flashlights. We are very confident that all of the above-given information will be very helpful for you to select the right throw flashlight for you.

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