Top 7 Best Surf Booties of 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Surface booties are an essential part of surfers. In this article, we are going to review the top 7 best surface booties for 2022. Surfers love gorgeous sandy beaches with warm water, fast-moving wind, and perfectly formed waves. To enjoy surfing, a surfer should have wetsuits, neoprene gloves, and surf booties.

Top 7 Best Surf Booties Reviews 2022

These are the basic requirements for every surfer. Booties play multiple important roles to keep the surfer’s feet warm, provide a perfect grip on your surfing board, and also protect your feet from injury in the ocean and on the beach.

We will introduce you to the latest and the best selling booties which will accomplish all these features we have mentioned above.

What are surf booties?

Before taking a deep dive for the best surface booties we should know about the surf booties. It is obvious to have a question in your mind as to why one should wear shoes on the beach as we all know that we wear flip-flops on the beach or walk on barefooted.

Surf booties are basically kinds of thick socks that you can wear to keep your feet warm in the cold ocean water and they also protect your feet from sharp objects and corals in the sea.

Likewise, they maintain the right balance and stability to provide an excellent grip on the surfing board. A wetsuit protects your body the same way that surf booties protect your feet in the water while you surf over coral or limestone banks.

They are extensively available in the market with different shapes, styles, materials, and prices.

1-Hyperflex AMP 2mm Low Reef Boot

Hyperflex AMP 2mm Low Reef Boot

Hyperflex AMP 2mm Low Reef Boot offers high performance for surfing. Hyperflex is a well-known brand in the wetsuit business focusing on providing high-quality wetsuits for the most affordable price.

After a decade of success with the AMP wetsuit, they introduced their boot line, and Hyperflex AMP 2mm low reef boot is one of the best products of Hyperflex having a simple but attractive design perfect to use in all types of weather conditions.

It is made with high-end ultra-stretch neoprene to ensure flexibility and perfect fit. It is just 2 mm thin which makes it lightweight. It is professionally crafted with sealed seams to limit the water exchange that keeps your feet not just dry but warm as well.

A textured exclusive Hydra Rib non-slippery sole provides good traction. It possesses a strong strap right on the top of the foot to provide a comfortable fit with style. It is constructed with double glue, blind stitch, and exterior liquid taped. To make it puncture-free all seams are sewn using a single needle technology.

AMP foam is used to give warmth and durability with a focus on complete flexibility and comfort. Beautiful diamond skin sole with diamond-shaped small channels provides excellent traction and firm grip to move in all directions. It also keeps water away from in between your booties and surfboard.

It offers excellent insulation with its P4 thermal lining soft microfiber fleece for extra cushion and comfort. You can simply rely on the quality of the product. Maximum adjustability and support are given by a vulcanized heel lock membrane that connects to the upper arch strap.

You will not experience side to side slipping anymore. Trim able leash guard toe provides extra protection for your toe and foot fingers.

2-Aqua Lung 5mm Men’s Superzip Ergo Boot

Aqua Lung 5mm Men’s Superzip Ergo Boot

Aqua Lung 5mm Men’s Superzip Ergo Boots are perfect for various water sports. It is one of the most rugged boots with the extra-thick sole, durable upper protective panel, and heavy-duty zipper for years of long-lasting use.

The 5mm thick neoprene fabric is used for durability and warmth. The ergonomic design offers an outsole cut and footbed to match the profile of your foot and provides excess water prevention.

The extra-thick 10 mm flexible vulcanized rubber sole gives premium protection against puncture, slip, and sting and keep your feet warmer in the cold ocean.

The ergo boot offers comfortable support for your surfing board. The non-corrosive locking zipper increases the longevity of the boot while elastic binding at the top keeps it away from wear and tear. It is a good companion for your diving and surfing adventure in both cold and warm climates.

Aqua Lung includes many innovative features that make it unique and different from other traditional surf booties. Moreover, the seams cuts on the boot are placed away from the main part of the boot that minimizes the chances of seam abrasion.

Quad seams provide extra durability. For added durability and protection, this extraordinary surf product has an instep, heel cap, and asymmetric toe. Obviously, Aqua Lung is one of the best manufacturers of surf products. Aqua Lung is the pioneer brand of this field and was found in 1943.

One side of the boot has a zipper while the other side consists of a beautiful AquaLung brand logo that makes it very attractive. The price of these wonderful shoes is quite reasonable and affordable and they are available in multiple sizes.

These shoes are widely available in surf shops and online stores.

3-Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit

Rip Curl flash bomb hidden split toe is the warmest fast-drying bootie. It is made by a well-known surfing product market brand Rip Curl. They are producing quality products for surfing.

It has a very stylish, comfortable, and hidden toe design. You can experience extra softness and comfort with its heel cup style. It is made with high-quality material of 3 mm E4 neoprene that is perfect to wear in mild weather conditions.

The new flash bomb has been redesigned with E5 flash lining to increase the warmth without adding extra weight. Its velcro shaft closure design provides a perfect fit for your feet and prevents the water to get in. Two straps one is on the bridge of the foot and the other is on the knee offer smooth mobility.

The polypropylene flash inside the lining gives you comfort and superior flex. Compression straps are stitched less and it is manufactured with the latest machines.

It is a perfect choice for those who are looking to buy comfortable, stylish, and durable booties at an affordable price. It has a 3 mm thin sole with rubber gaps that provide a comfortable grip with your surfing board.

Although it is hygienic the only drawback could be that if you use it continuously for a long time span you might feel the odor that it comes with.

However, you don’t need to worry about this because the Rip Curl flash bomb uses an anti-stink treatment that is embedded in the fabric of the booties which minimizes the bacteria causing the bad smell.

This amazing product comes with three years warranty on all stitching and 12 months warranty on all materials including fabric, knee pads, and Velcro straps.

4-O’Neill Reactor 2mm Reef Booties

O’Neill Reactor 2mm Reef Booties

O’Neill Reactor 2mm reef booties are perfect to shield the surfer’s feet from the reef. In the ocean, there are many creatures but one of the most adorable creatures is the coral reef.

You can widely observe reefs when you surf. Coral reefs look very colorful and pretty but they can be dangerous for your feet. Their sharp edges can seriously damage your feet. Thanks for the O’Neill reactor 2 mm reef booties which are specially designed to protect you from the coral reef.

It is the thinnest booties design of O’Neill made with 2 mm synthetic mesh Neoprene. They are exceptionally lightweight and strong enough to surf in the water full of the reef.

Wearing these superb booties you will feel that you are just walking on the grass in the park. It is designed to fit tight to stop water to get in. The soles of these booties are super strong to use various rounds of surfing. The durable textured rubber soles make it attractive and strong.

You can also use them for standard water shoes. It is perfect for those who are not regular but are immature surfers. It is versatile both for summer and coral reef beaches.

As we know that O’Neill is a reliable brand in surfing products. You can rely on the quality of their products. They use high-quality material and introduce the latest customer focused designs.

It is a simple flat stitch construction with the manufacturer’s name and logo printed on the booties. This wonderful product is non-slippery and gives firm support on the surfing board.

If you have an economical budget for your new pair of surf booties then you can consider them. Besides this the round toe design allows the user to wear it not just for surfing but you can also use it in the summer.

5-XCEL Men’s Drylock Split Toe Boot 3mm

XCEL Men’s Drylock Split Toe Boot 3mm

XCEL Men’s Drylock Split Toe Booties are the best for wide foot surfers. It features XCEL’s exclusive Thermo Dry Celliant inner lining to get your body’s heat and converts it to usable infrared energy. It is a revolutionary inner lining with smart fibers.

It is used to get greater warmth, faster recovery, increased endurance, and overall enhanced performance. This process is good for your entire body, especially for your feet. It is made with ultra-stretch 100% Neoprene to keep it lightweight and high mobility.

An adjustable Velcro strap is used for improved fit and comfort while the back ankle pull loop is used to carry booties effortlessly.

This high-performance product is environmentally conscious and comes with a manufacturer warranty. These ergonomic fit booties are different from their competitors because of their high tech design and durability. The construction of glue and blind stitched seams are used to make it attractive and strong.

The split-toe design and solid sole made with a single piece of rubber give extra comfort and a non-slippery grip on your surfing board. The company and article name is printed on the booties.

The ultra stretched feature is perfect for wider footed surfers while the thick rubber sole protects your feet from the rocks. The manufacturer of these booties is well known in the surf product field. They have been producing quality surf products for many years.

XCEL Men’s Drylock Split Toe Booties are used quick dry fiber and woven soft form to ensure comfort and minimize water absorption. The ergo strap design creates less pressure on your feet while surfing in the ocean.

If you are looking to buy lightweight, durable, quick-dry, and ultra-stretch Neoprene booties then you can consider this XCEL Men’s Drylock Split Toe Booties.

6-O’Neill Heat 3mm Split Toe Booties

O’Neill Heat 3mm Split Toe Booties

O’Neill Heat 3mm split toe booties are the best sellers in most of the surface shops because of their attractive design and flexibility. O’Neill is originally a California surf wear and surfboard brand and they are the pioneer of surf products started their business in 1952.

They are producing a large variety of good quality surfing products. O’Neill Heat is a split-toe design that lets you feel more comfortable while surfing on your board with improved balance.

These surf booties are performance-focused surfing products to add some spark to your surfing. They are crafted with soft FluidFlex Firewall Neoprene to deliver high durability that resists abrasion and compression.

It is an excellent stretchable product to experience high performance. It is a blind stitch and perfectly glued to prevent leakage through the seams which eventually protect your feet from damage.

O’Neill Flexloc stitch is an exclusively blind stitch that is more flexible and stronger than the traditional blind stitch. The expert designed features are created with detailed attention to meet the expectation of the surfers.

It is not just durable but also delivers a comfortable fit and reliable warmth. O’Neill heat booties are perfect for serious surfers spending hours surfing in the ocean. The heel pull loop allows the surfer to carry booties comfortably. This product is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The material used for this product has the ability to keep water and moisture away from it. Its unique design is an excellent fit and gives the flexibility to move.

It has only one strap at the knee position to close the booties. It is just 3 mm thin that is the best fit for a moderate climate. Solid construction makes it long-lasting so you don’t need to buy a new pair of surf booties every year.

7-Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Men & Women Wetsuit Boots

Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Men & Women Wetsuit Boots

Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boots are good for both gender men and women. These are multi-purpose neoprene boots with many innovative features including extra thermal protection and puncture-resistant soles.

It is constructed in three different thickness options 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm to make it suitable for all weather conditions warmer to cooler. These boots are manufactured by Henderson Group.

One of the leading surf product brands focused on innovation, thermal protection, and development of quality neoprene products. They are also producing gender-specific water sports gear to use in all conditions.

Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boots are made with the help of premium technology to enhance durability and reliability. On the inner side, there are non-corrosive heavy-duty zippers on each boot. WEB – water entry barrier behind the zipper is used to limit the water entry into the boots and keeps your feet toasty warm.

It has a very simple design and the price is very reasonable. These versatile boots can be used for warm, moderate, and cold water for multiple water sports on muddy or rocky beaches.

Durable glued and sewn construction of powerful puncture-resistant sole protects you from coral reefs and it is also perfect for all types of terrains. These rigid boots are long-lasting and support all your favorite water activities. Moreover, it comes in different sizes to fit the large majority of men and women.

It offers excellent performance, flexibility, and perfect balance for surfing board and scuba diving in cold and warm water. These boots are perfect for various water sports such as paddleboarding, kiteboarding, diving, kayaking and wakeboarding, and many others.

If you want to see simplicity, durability, and flexibility in your surf booties then it could be the best choice for you.

What should you consider before picking surf booties?

There are some basic factors which you should consider before finalizing surf booties. It will help you to select one of the best booties for your surfing activity.

Comfortable size

You should be aware that Surf booties come in whole sizes, not in halves and each manufacturer uses its own size format which could be different from others.

It is quite possible that your size is 8 but you will be more comfortable with size 9 or 7. You have to try different sizes of various brands to find out the right one and perfect for you.

As already mentioned that booties keep your feet warm from cold water therefore you should make sure that there would be no gaps between your feet and booties otherwise water can get in and damage your feet.

Construction and design

Your booties should be made with high-quality material and its design should offer comfort, durability, and adjustability with your feet. A specific high-quality fabrication makes your booties highly resistant to weather elements and extreme temperatures.

Well, known manufacturers are using the process of dipping neoprene in the latex. It enhances the flexibility and the lightness of the products. Besides this, it should be non-slippery and perfectly fit to support your surfing board.


Insulation is another significant factor that surf booties should have. To keep your feet temperature adjustable in the ocean, manufacturers use neoprene that is specially designed to insulate the feet.

The majority of the surf booties are designed 3 mm to 7 mm thick. You can choose your surf booties according to the climate condition. In warmer conditions, you can comfortably wear 3 mm booties while 7 mm is used in colder conditions.

Final verdict

Surfing on the cold or warm water at mushy or high waves is an amazing experience and fun. However, you have to be careful to some extent. Especially cold water could cause Hypothermia (your body loses heat faster than it produces heat) or Frostbite (injury caused by freezing of the skin and underlying tissues).

Wetsuits are made to protect your body while surf booties play a similar role for your feet. These surf booties give your feet warm, dry, and shied from the coral reef and sharp edges.

Moreover, they are excellent insulators. There are various surf product brands in the market producing many different kinds of booties with a variety of shapes and prices. Our team has carefully selected the top 7 best surf booties after a deep research of the market.

You can choose according to your foot profile and budget.

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