Top 7 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners Updated Reviews 2022

A pocket knife sharpener is an essential tool for those who use pocket knives for any purpose. If you are interested to know about the best pocket knife sharpener then this article is for you. Every knife should be razor-sharp to use it effectively. Pocket knives are used both for indoor and outdoor activities.

These pocket knives are made for a variety of purposes like camping knife for cutting ropes, hunting knife for self-defense and cutting meats, skinning knife for skinning animals and we don’t even try to deny the fact that all of them become blunt after a regular interval of time and they need to be sharpened again to reuse them. A blunt knife can enhance the risk of injuries.

7 Best Pocket Knife Sharpener Market Reviews in 2022

To sharpen the knives depend upon the quality of knives. There are some very low-quality knives that you need to sharpen every week while some high-quality knives need to be sharpened after a couple of months or even more. The important point to keep in mind is that whatever the quality of the knife is, you have to sharpen it sooner or later.

In the near past, people used sharpening stones to sharpen their blunt pocket knives but everyone cannot use these stones because you should be an expert to sharpen your knife on the stone. You have to maintain the right sharpening angle otherwise the blade could be damaged and you can lose your knife.

At this point in time, you have many options available to sharpen your pocket knife. There are many different kinds of high quality and user-friendly sharpeners available in the market.

You can buy manual sharpeners, battery-powered sharpeners, and electric sharpeners as well. Prices of the sharpeners differ according to the quality and usefulness of the sharpeners. These latest knife sharpeners are very handy in use and they minimize the risk of damage. They simply prolong your knives’ lifespan.

1-Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

pocket size knife sharpener

Smith’s PP1 pocket pal multifunction sharpener is sleek, stylish, and lightweight. It is your great companion while you are traveling, hunting, camping, or fishing. It is one of the best available sharpeners in the market. It consists of three main parts.

One is a set of carbide blades for quickly sharpening the blunt edge, another is a specially shaped ceramic stone for a razor-sharp finish and the last one is a fold-out tapered round diamond-coated rod for restoring serrated edges. It has the capability to quickly sharpen dull edges, coarse and fine sharpening slots, and also has a soft-grip handle to avoid any unpleasant damage.

Both carbide blades and ceramic stones are reversible and replaceable. It means you don’t need to bring a new sharpener if blades or stones are not working properly with the passage of time because you can replace them with a new one.

A lanyard hole is also present in the top corner for easy carrying. V-shaped carbide blades and ceramic stones angles provide excellent sharpening results. Smith’s is the market-leading brand in the knife and scissor sharpening category. They have become the fastest-growing supplier of great quality products.

They are producing a vast array of the knife and scissor sharpeners ranging from simple, fixed angles and sophisticated precision designed for all kinds of users.

To sharpen the blades of your knife, you just need to insert the blade of the knife into v-shaped slots at a 90-degree angle and pull your knife straight back towards you while applying light pressure. It will make a razor-sharp of your knife’s blade. It is a small-sized sharpener.

You can keep it into your pocket while you are traveling or going for outdoor activities. It is just one ounce of weight and measures three and a half-inch long.

2-Sharpal 105N Multipurpose Pocket Knife Sharpener

multipurpose pocket knife sharpener

Sharp 105N multipurpose pocket knife sharpener is a great sharpening product used to repair blunt blades of cutting tools. It is a perfect tool to restore and hone all kinds of knives, scissors, pruners, hedge shears, axes, edged tools, and all other same kinds of cutting tools.

Regardless of conventional pocket knife sharpeners of other brands use a small piece of carbide wider onto the steel plate, Sharpal 105N sharpener is constructed with sturdy and durable whole body carbide to get excellent performance.

Its superb construction makes it more durable, more aggressive with an extra sharpening surface that never wears out. The innovative and compact design with a pen clip is a super portable that can easily fit in your pocket. The removable pen clip is perfect for a shirt pocket, tool belts, and backpacks.

A Soft grip rubber handle makes your sharpening experience smooth and comfortable. It gives a secure and comfortable grip while you are working to sharpen your tool. The built-in lanyard hole allows the sharpener to hang out.

It is user friendly and easy to use two stages of sharpening tool. It includes two main parts; one is a Quick edge setting for worn or dull edges and the other is Fine honing for a sharp edge. To sharpen any tool just push and slide the Sharpal sharpener toll along the knife’s blade edge.

This lightweight sharpener has 1.6 Ounce of weight. Sharpal 105N multipurpose pocket knife sharpener is a good choice for garden implements (pruners, loppers, hedge shears), straight knife-edge (pocket knives, fillet knives, chef’s knives, hunting knives, tactical knives), scissors, shears, and other tools (axes, machete, hatchet, mower blade).

3-Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic Pocket Knife Sharpener

Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic Pocket Knife Sharpener

Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic pocket knife sharpener is a first aid kit for your blunt knife’s blade. It is made by a well-known brand Lansky Sharpeners.

They have been making sharpeners over 35 years. Their sharpeners are easy to use for everyone regardless of their sharpening experience. They are creating high quality and productive sharpening tools. Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic is a kind of entire sharpening kit in your pocket.

It provides effortless sharpening for all types of knife blades. Serrated blades of knives cannot work properly. The use of a pocket knife always required sharpening. The sturdy and versatile Lansky sharpener is made with quality material.

It is one of the most reliable sharpeners with 4 different sharpening blades. Tungsten Carbide is tuff and useful material to restore your knife’s blade in just three or four strokes.

It has two V-shaped sharpening stones of Carbide and Ceramic while on the top of the sharpener’s body an open serrated ceramic blade is there and beneath all three a ceramic diamond tapered rod is also a part of the sharpener. You can experience a smooth sharpening amazing performance with this high-quality tool.

To sharpen a knife is not an easy task but Lansky sharpener makes it very handy for you. The small size knife sharpener can easily fit into your pocket. The shape of the sharpener allows the user not to just sharpen the blade of the knives but also polish the edges of the blades.

The perfect shape of the sharpener repairs even the smallest serration of the blades. The metal housing of the sharpener makes it sturdy. If we talk about the price, it is very affordable.

4-ACCUSharp 001C Knife Sharpener

pocket Knife Sharpener

ACCUSharp 001C is a versatile knife and tool sharpener for all kinds of knives. It has the ability to sharp most of the blades within 10 seconds and sharpening is oil and mess-free.

The easy-grip of the sharpener and large ergonomic handle makes it safe and secure to sharpen not only knives but also matches, cleavers, axes, and many other cutting tools. To protect your fingers, it has a full-length finger guard.

The simple and attractive designed sharpener has a non-slippery bottom committed to delivering outstanding results. The reliable sharpening blades are the toughest industrial quality with diamond-honed tungsten carbide to use this sharpener for many years.

It is one of the hardest known materials that make it one of the best knife sharpeners for serrated knives. It is very simple and easy to use. To get started sharpening, simply put your sharpener on the knife and slowly glide across the top of the blade to sharpen it.

Only 3 to 4 strokes are enough to get the razor-sharp blade. As we know a razor-sharp blade is necessary to get work done quickly and safely. With its reasonable price, it is a great value of the money. Another excellent quality of this sharpener is that it is rust free and can be easily cleaned with water and soap.

The innovative ACCU Sharp has reversible sharpening blades that are easily available so you get double the life span. The ergonomic handle consists of brushed aluminum and matte-finished making it strong and sturdy while an over-molded rubber grip is framed for a strong grip.

It is a perfect gift idea for your friends and family members who are keen to travel, hunting, camping, or outdoor activities. The versatile and user-friendly design lets you use it more comfortably.

5-Sharpal 101N 6-in-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

6-in-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

Sharpal 101N 6-in-1 pocket knife sharpener & survival tool is an ideal multifunctional and multi-purpose sharpening tool for those who are enthusiasts for hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting. They use knives for outdoor activities and sooner or later they constantly need to sharpen them.

It is not used just to sharpen the tool but it also consists of a fire starter and high-pitched emergency whistle. It gives you durable and high-level sharpening performance.

It features 6 different functions: one v-shaped coarse carbide slot for quickly sharpening the edge, 2 fine ceramic hones for a smooth finished edge, Ferro rod, diamond rod with groove for fish hooks, tapered diamond rod for serration, and high pitched emergency pitched whistle.

A built-in lanyard hole is used to hang up the sharpener. It comes with a three years warranty and excellent after-sale service is given by the company. The preset optimal sharpening angle allows the user to experience smooth sharpening. Sharpal is a leading manufacturer brand of professional and patented knife and tool sharpeners for home, outdoor sports, kitchen, and culinary industries.

They are producing quality and cost-effective products for more than 18 years. Tungsten carbide blades are used in this sharpener which is the toughest material. It is highly portable; measures 3 and a half inches long and weighs just 1.5 ounces.

You can comfortably carry it into your pocket or can put it in your backpack. A rubber-coated design gives a non-slippery and comfortable grip. To sharpen the knife; insert the knife’s blade into the sharpening slot at a 90-degree angle and slowly with light pressure pull the knife through the slot to make it razor sharp.

Insert the fire stick into the carbide slot and pull it quickly, repeat pulling until the tinder ignites.

6-Smith’s 50185 Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener

Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

Smith’s 50185 Jiffy-Pro handheld sharpener is a great quality sharpening tool for home and outdoor activities. It is built with great quality materials to give extraordinary performance and durability.

The versatile and cost-effective handheld sharpener is used to sharpen knives and scissors. You can quickly sharpen your blunt knives with this easy to use sharpening tool. A soft grip rubber handle allows the user to hold the sharpener firmly with your whole hand.

The unique design safe your hands while sharpening the cutting tool. It is also quick and easy to use for any kind of user. Two-stage sharpening coarse and fine saves your time and energy.

Carbide and ceramic surfaces are used for premium abrasive for a razor-sharp cutting edge. Preset sharpening angles give extraordinary results every time. It is made with durable and lightweight plastic material to make it handy while on the go.

It is a perfect companion for traveling, camping, fishing, hiking, outdoor activities, and the kitchen as well. It can easily attach with your belt or backpack. To sharpen the knife just put your knife into the carbide slot and pull your knife with slight pressure.

The procedure is the same to sharpen the scissor. It has 5.6 Ounce of weight and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Smith is a pioneer and reliable USA brand in the sharpening industry.

They are serving over 120 years and they are the leader in the manufacturer and distributor of manual sharpening products. Jiffy-Pro handheld sharpeners can effortlessly restore the edge of even a very dull knife. Few strokes are enough to make a razor-sharp of blunt knives.

It gives excellent results for all kinds of knives. Never miss out to bring the Jiffy-Pro handheld sharpener when you go out for traveling or any kind of outdoor activities.

7-Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener is an innovative and robust sharpening tool. It is a complete sharpening solution for the field or home. The compact and innovative designed sharpener is a perfect choice for outdoor activities and sportsmen while on the go.

Guided field sharpener is professionally crafted with 5 grit stages for sharpening and honing. A unique feature of this sharpener is a built-in 20-degree angle guide for honing a micro bevel.

Five grinding steps are used to make your blade razor-sharp: coarse and fine diamond sharpening plates, coarse and fine ceramic hones, and a leather strop.

It consists of two diamond plates, one is coarse for shaping and repairing and the other is fine for sharpening. Both plates are 4×1 inches. It has two ceramic rods used for coarse grit, fine grit, and fish hook honing sides.

Besides it also has a smaller fine grit serration sharpener while a leather strop is a micro-abrasive and it is used to finish blades to a razor-sharp. It weighs just 2.5 pounds so you can comfortably put it into your pocket or backpack. Work sharp guided field sharpener is engineered and assembled by an American company Darex.

It is a reliable and well-known brand. They are a leading sharpening tool brand that has been producing quality tools for over 40 years. Guided field sharpener is compact and durable. It is a multi-purpose sharpening tool.

If you have a Guided field sharpener then you don’t need to worry about your blunt knives, axes, or any kinds of cutting tools because you can sharpen them within a few seconds without having any experience.

This sharpening tool is for those who are looking to buy an innovative, compact, and durable sharpener.

What you should keep in mind before buying the best pocket knife sharpener?

How we choose the best pocket knife sharpener

The surface of the sharpener

The surface of the sharpener should be very hard. The harder surface gives a finer and long-lasting sharpening to your pocket knife.

Sharpening stages

The best pocket knife sharpener should have multiple sharpening stages at least two. The advantage of having two or more stages is so that you don’t need to acquire another knife sharpener. Multiple stages knife sharpener gives the required angle to the knife in the first stage while it gives touch-ups and Polish the knife’s blade in the second stage.

Adjustable angles

It is one of the most important and useful features of a good pocket knife sharpener. You must have an idea about the accurate angle to sharpen your pocket knife. It comes with practice and experience but if you are new you may face difficulty and you might destroy your knife’s blade. Some high quality and advanced sharpener particularly built to accommodate the angle of the blade. They facilitate the users to adjust the right angle to make the razor-sharp of their pocket knives.


A good quality sharpener should have safety features. Some advanced sharpeners have barriers between the fingers and blade to save your hands while sharpening the knife.


The majority of the pocket knives are lightweight. The ideal weight for a reasonable pocket knife should be 2-3 ounces.

Size of the sharpener

The size of the sharpener also matters. Some knife sharpeners are pocket-sized while others don’t fit into your pocket. In this case, you have to put it into your backpack. The size of the sharpener is just the choice of the user.

Final verdict

A pocket knife sharpener is a vital tool for those who are involved in outdoor activities or have extensive use of cutting tools like knives and scissors.

It gives you the freedom to make instantly razor-sharp of your tool. These small and useful gadgets are not only portable but also inexpensive. We have selected 7 the best pocket knife sharpeners available in the market.

Our dedicated team has carefully selected all these models. They are a little bit different with respect to shape, size, price, and features but all of them are very handy and reliable.

You can select anyone according to your needs and requirements that suit your budget.

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