Top 7 Best Paint For Stucco (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Stucco is a mixture of cement, water, and sand applied to walls. To enhance the beauty of this surface, we should consider the best paint for Stucco. The stucco surface faces different challenges like severe weather conditions that may affect it. Moreover, it can damage the natural look of Stucco and becomes faded over time. In result, this will affect the look of home.

The below article will present the best paints for stucco surface and let you choose the most suitable one. Typically, it’s a bit different from applying paint on stucco surfaces than regular exterior paint. With the right Stucco paint, you can give your house an eye-catching look. After a thorough research, we foung Dap 10504 Stucco Paint as the best stucco paint.

Our Top 3 picks

Dap 10504 Stucco Paint
  • Bonds perfectly on stucco surface
  • Ultra-resistant against severe weather conditions
  • Used for both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Thick consistency for large area coverage
Romabio Masonry Textured
  • Smooth and slight texture finish
  • Log lasting and durable paint
  • Quickly dries within a few hours
  • UV resistant to face hard weather conditions
INSL-X AMW100009A-01 Acrylic Paint
  • Water based formula that is resistant against mold and mildew
  • Large area coverage with 1-gallon paint
  • Water resistant and best for exterior
  • Sticks well on rough surfaces

Comparison Table Best Paint For Stucco

KILZ Interior/Exterior Masonry
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Dap 10504 Stucco Paint-
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Romabio Masonry Textured-
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Masonry & Stucco Paint
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INSL-X AMW100009A-01 Acrylic Paint
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KILZ L390201 Interior/Exterior Concrete
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Vasari Plaster Wet Mixes
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Best Paint For Stucco List (Updated)

1.KILZ Interior/Exterior Masonry-

“Alkali Resistant Paint”

9.4/10 Our Score

KILZ offers high-quality acrylic latex water-based paint that gives you excellent hiding properties and highly adhesive. This paint for Stucco has the properties to repel water and other unwanted elements from your home. This paint has a self-priming property and gives you a smooth finish. Moreover, it is specially designed to emphasize the natural texture of all kinds of stucco surfaces.

Top features in it:
  • Water-based formula with excellent adhesion and great hiding properties.
  • Mildew resistant paint to keep the surface safe
  • Alkali resistant up to pH 12.0
  • The 1-Gallon cover area up to 250 to 400 square feet
  • Easy cleaning with soap and water for a fresh look
  • It can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled which one you want
  • Very easy to apply
  • resistant against mildew and water
  • Gives a natural look to the surface
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy cleaning
  • The surface requires cleaning before application

KILZ Interior/Exterior Masonry has the property of alkali resistance up to 12.0, which indicates that it will save the surface from mildew attack. It is straightforward to apply with either a sprayer or roller, which one you want. Also can be cleaned up easily with soap and water. A 1-Gallon can of this paint cover area up to 250 to 400 square feet, which depends on the surface. Make sure all surfaces are clean, and there is no dust before applying this paint.

2.Dap 10504 Stucco Paint-

“All purpose paint”

9.4/10 Our Score

The Dap 10504 Stucco Paint is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality paint to restore the stucco surface. The ingredients used in its formula are durable and work well against any kind of containment. Moreover, the package comes with a ready-mixed formula that saves your preparation time.

Best features in this:
  • High-quality material for best texture and bonds perfectly to the stucco surface
  • Featured with a thick consistency and covers rough surfaces significantly.
  • Includes holes filling ingredients to offer you a smooth surface.
  • Super resistant against unpredictable weather conditions and patched cracks do not affect by weather.
  • Great investment for a permanent and durable paint
  • Can be used for interior or exterior to save the extra cost for purchasing separately.
  • Blends perfectly
  • Great texture
  • Fills the holes
  • Easy usage
  • Thick consistency
  • Long time usage impacts quality

Furthermore, the paint is excellent to fill the holes. The key point is its incredible texture and well bonding on the stucco surface. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about polka dots on your wall as the paint blends nicely to the stucco wall. Additionally, the application of the paint is easy that can be done through a brush, roller, or any spray pump. Overall, the paint is one of the best stucco paint that is perfect for DIY.

3. Romabio Masonry Textured

“White base Stucco Paint”

9.4/10 Our Score

The Romabio Masonry Textured offers you a permanent flat finish on a stucco surface. However, it can create a little texture on smooth brick and a smoother finish on rough brick. This Stucco paint is not cheap but can be very fruitful for some people. Moreover, It is highly durable for both interior and exterior masonry. This high-performing paint has 20 years of warranty if it will not stick. Flake off or peel if properly applied.

Features that we like most:
  • Offers a smoother finish and a slight texture for the beauty of the surface.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting paint for both interior and exterior
  • UV resistant paint that makes it perfect outdoor paint.
  • The paint has the feature of breathability and releases the moisture to dry quickly
  • Application is easy and applied through various methods like brush, roller, or sprayer
  • Highly durable
  • provides smoother finish
  • Application is easy
  • 1 liter can cover the area up to 50-70 sq/ft
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Breathable paint and easily release moisture.

It can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer. It dries in 4 to 8 hours and can easily clean up with soap and water. One liter of this paint can cover the area up to 50 to 70 square feet. It is one of the best durable paint, and its UV resistance is high quality. It means it is best for tropical areas. This excellent paint is also breathable and hardens its surface so the moisture can easily be released.

4. Masonry & Stucco Paint

“Superior Hiding Paint”

9.4/10 Our Score

If it is a DIY project, then Masonry & Stucco Paint is a perfect choice. This paint has a water-based acrylic formula which is designed for interior and exterior stucco and masonry surfaces. If you talk about the finish, it will give you a beautiful semi-gloss finish. Its best feature is that it dries very quickly as compared to others. It dries within 4 hours and ready for the next coat.

Top features:
  • Excellent paint for DIY projects due to easy applicability
  • Offers semi-gloss finish to the surface to attain the glossy look
  • Dries quickly and ready for next coat within four hours of the first application
  • Featured with superior hiding of cracks and pores for smoother paint finish
  • Extensive area coverage that 1-gallon of the paint cover 200-300 sq ft.
  • Manufactured with highly environment-friendly elements and doesn’t include VOCs that are harmful
  • Super hiding property
  • Dries quickly within 4 hours
  • resistant against alkali, mildew, and mold
  • Easy to apply
  • perfect for a DIY project
  • Easy water cleanup
  • Very thick

One of the abilities of this paint is that it gives you superior hiding. Moreover, it covers all cracks and pores to give your Stucco a completely new look. It is super easy to apply, which can be done through a brush, roller, or sprayer. This paint is super resistant against alkali, mildew, and mold. 1-gallon of the paint can cover an area of up to 200-300 square feet. Overall, Masonry & Stucco paint is highly environment friendly and gives your Stucco a brand new look.

5. INSL-X AMW100009A-01 Acrylic Paint

“Mildew resistant Paint”

9.4/10 Our Score

If you are looking for paint that can be applied to both masonry and Stucco, then INSL-X AMW100009A-01 is best for this. It is a very powerful water-blocking acrylic paint that suits exteriors. It is the best paint for basement walls and cinder walls also. Its waterproofing feature keeps the walls of the basement always dry and resistant to mildew.

Notable Features in this paint:
  • Water-based formula that is resistant against mold and mildew; perfect for both Stucco and Masonry
  • Comes with a water-blocking feature that makes it ideal for exterior surfaces.
  • Sticks so good to rough surfaces as well as smooth and high alkali resistance up to pH-13
  • Quick-drying and waterproof paint for Stucco, cinder blocks, basement walls, and other surfaces.
  • Extensive area coverage with 1-gallon of paint that covers an area up to 75 to 125 square feet
  • Featured to bear hydrostatic pressure up to 12 psi and best results if applied in temperature between 50 °F and 90 °F.
  • Resistant to alkali, which makes it waterproof
  • withstands up to 12 PSI of hydrostatic pressure
  • 1-gallon cover 75 to 125 sq. ft.
  • Dries quickly
  • Sticks nicely to rough surfaces
  • Not a good choice for interior surfaces

It sticks nicely to rough surfaces as well as smooth. 1-gallon of paint can cover areas up to 75 to 125 square feet. This paint dries very quickly, and its alkali-resistant feature makes your exterior walls waterproof. So, it is best for areas having frequent rainfall. It can resist up to 12 psi hydrostatic pressure if applied correctly. One thing that should keep in mind that this paint should not be applied in extreme weather conditions, either too cold or hot.

6. KILZ L390201 Interior/Exterior Concrete-

“Paint for Glossy Look”

9.4/10 Our Score

KILZ L390201 Interior/Exterior Concrete not only beautifies the stucco surface but also protects it. This interior/exterior paint is the acrylic-based formula that enhances the beauty of not only Stucco but also cement, tile, etc. It offers you a wet look and a high-gloss finish that is its best feature.

Best Features in this paint:
  • Protects and beautifies the surface and keep it safe from fading and maintain color details
  • Featured with the non-yellowing acrylic-based formula that offers a high-gloss and wet-look finish.
  • Quickly dries within four hours and ready for the next coat in 60 minutes.
  • Large area coverage that 1-gallon can cover an area up to 250 to 400 square feet; depends on the surface type
  • Application is easy to apply on the wall with a brush, roller, or pump sprayer.
  • Non-fading and non-yellowing
  • very easy to apply
  • Easy to clean
  • High gloss finish
  • Dries fast
  • Best for a DIY project
Highly-moisture areas are not suitable for it

This paint is very easy to apply. You can implement it through the brush, roller, or any sprayer. It dries to touch within 60 minutes and ready for re-coating within 4 hours of implementation. 1-gallon of KILZ Interior/Exterior can cover an area up to 250 to 400 square feet, which depends on the texture of the surface.

7.Vasari Plaster Wet Mixes

“Medium Finish Paint”

9.4/10 Our Score

The Vasari Plaster Wet Mixes is a perfect choice for homeowners who want a beautifully textured look of their home. This paint saves your cost as it can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. Moreover, the paint contains nontoxic ingredients to offer you a glossy look. However, the ingredients have zero amount of VOC that make it sure as an environment-friendly product.

Top features:
  • Suitable choice for homeowners for the perfect and textured look of walls.
  • Manufactured with such material that it can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Excellent for the environment that it contains nontoxic ingredients with zero amount of VOC.
  • Durable paint and tough on all surfaces
  • Absorbs the carbon dioxide and other odor with natural plaster that filter the air.
  • UV-resistant and integrated color that will look excellent even if scratches occur on the paint.
  • Offers textured look
  • Durable paint
  • High-quality material
  • environment friendly
  • absorbs odor
  • Requires emptying tank
  • Evaporative cooler affects the performance

Furthermore, the paint is durable and long-lasting. Using it on your exterior walls or interior dining area, we’re sure you will get compliments from guests. Although the paint is a bit expensive, it’s a quality product for the house’s premium look. Overall, it’ll be great to invest in one of the best Stucco paint from the list.


If you are paying for Stucco paint, then you deserve long-lasting and best quality paint. For your ease, we have researched and finalized the best products based on some factors. If you consider all the factors mentioned below, you will indeed conclude a paint that suits your stucco surface. Finally, try to pick that paint that adheres quickly and super resistant against stains and other impurities. Moreover, it should be easy to clean. All the above-mentioned stucco paints have the best properties as compare to others in the market. Feel free to pick one of them for a great painting experience.


How can I apply paint on a Stucco surface?

Usually, most paints can be applied through a brush, roller, or sprayer. It depends on you where you feel at ease. Each instrument is used for different purposes. Basically, a sprayer is used to cover a large area, but a brush can cover even small corners.

Can Stucco paint cover cracks?

Since there is an extreme humidity level in Florida, the powerful and the best dehumidifier will work in these conditions. Additionally, all the above-described units are powerful and perfect for Florida’s high humid conditions.

Are coverage rates are same as mentioned?

Usually, there is written that this paint covers an area up to 150 square feet. Is this exact? No, these are not true because there are different types of surfaces which has pores and cracks that affect the coverage rate. However, these rates are true to some extent over smooth surfaces.

How to select the Best Dehumidifier For Florida- BUYING GUIDE

With an abundance of products on the market, it’s really difficult to find out one that is perfect for stucco surface. After analyzing and reviewing different products, we have finalized some critical factors. You should keep in mind these factors while buying paint for stucco surface.


Above all, your paint should be durable enough to bear weather conditions. Acrylic-based colors expand and shrink as well as provides a level of breathability and flexibility. However, all these cannot be seen in oil-based paints. So you should keep this factor in mind.

Coverage Area:

Before buying the paint, you should consider how much area of a 1-gallon color covers? Mostly 1-gallon of paint covers 80 to 150 square feet. It may differ depending on the surface where it is being applied. So, pick that one which covers more area and best in quality.


The paint should cover some common stucco stains like watermarks, unwanted colors, mildew, and mold. Some paints offer built-in stain-blocking primers. If the stain-blocking feature is not available in your paint, then you need to buy and apply an alkali-resistant primer separately. So, before purchasing the paint, check whether the concealing property is there in the paint or not.


For DIY projects, the applicability factor is really important. Many people are annoyed as the stucco paints are difficult to spread. If you don’t want to face any problem, then go for primer-free paint, which is easy to apply.

In the above-listed items, all dehumidifiers have been selected, keeping this factor in mind. Moreover, you can randomly pick any of them if you want to have this feature.


Before buying the paint, identify on which surface you are applying? Either it is interior or exterior. Some paints are excellent for interior surfaces and, similarly, some for exterior surfaces. Choosing for interior surface, the paint is suitable within a limited area. And similarly, for exterior surfaces, the paint is resistant to weather conditions and should not go dull with time.

Health and Safety:

Most paints include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and many other chemicals which are dangerous for human health. There are now strict regulations to use these chemicals. If you don’t want to compromise health, then opt for water-based acrylic coating.

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