7 Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather 2022 – LED Ideas

Light bulbs are an essential part of our home, office, and everywhere both for indoor and outdoor use. We experience different weather conditions in a whole year and we change our lifestyle according to the current weather situation.

Do we also change our light bulbs when the weather changes? I think the answer is no because there is no light bulb that is manufactured exclusively according to hot or cold weather but certainly there are some types of bulbs that still work well in all weather conditions.

Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather Reviews 2022

This article is specially written to know about the best outdoor light bulb for cold weather.

It could be a challenge for you to find the right bulb for extreme conditions. You should be very careful while replacing your bulbs to avoid the potential danger.

The outdoor areas like parking space and yard will be much cooler than your rooms therefore you have to pick one that performs better. Mainly there are three types of light bulbs that work well outdoors.

  • CFR Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFR)
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED bulbs)
  • Incandescent bulbs

No doubt LED bulbs are the best choice to use in extremely cold weather because they are much brighter, consume less energy, are better weather-resistant, and have less risk of bursting at low temperatures.

1-Govee Dusk to Dawn Smart Sensor LED Light Bulb

LED light bulb for outdoor

Govee Dusk to Dawn Smart Sensor LED Light Bulb automatically turns on at night and turns off in the daytime. It is equipped with advanced technology built-in smart photocell and light sensor control to automatically illuminate bright nights for you.

No more tension to switch on or off manually. You can abruptly decrease your electricity cost with this efficient energy saver.

It consumes just 9W that is equivalent to 70W of the traditional light bulb, providing 800 lumens means that you save 90% energy. This bulb is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its good to build quality allows it to perform better in cold and wet conditions. It is easy to install.

You don’t need any wires or additional motion detection fixtures just simply screw into any standard E26/27 light socket or fixture.

Brighter light keeps your outdoor area clearly visible through the night. With its latest LED technology you will not experience any glare or flicker.

It is perfect for home, office, garage, porch, courtyard, parks, hospital, school, shopping mall, factories, museum, restaurants, supermarkets, and any other places where brighter lighting is required. It is durable and can work perfectly in all seasons.

The longer lifetime solves your hassle of frequent light bulb replacement.  It has a 30,000 hours lifetime that is exceptionally good. Govee Dusk to Dawn Smart Sensor LED Light Bulb is made with high-quality PC material with a powerful unique LED chip.

You can rely on its advanced technology to get excellent results that meet your expectations. High-class performance can be observed with this smart sensor LED light bulb.

No doubt it is one of the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather.

2-VGOGFLY Sensor Lights Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulb

dusk to dawn light bulb for cold weather

VGOGFLY Sensor Lights Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulb light up your world to automatically turns on at night. It eliminates the physical hassle to turn the bulb on and off. Just fix your bulb in the light socket and keep the button on for all time.

It possesses many advanced features to meet the user’s requirements. The latest technology is used to construct this long-lasting bulb. It has an E26/27 nickel-plated base to keep it rust-free.

Aluminum is an excellent heat dissipation used to keep it safe from constant temperature. Healthy and environment friendly LED technology saves specious energy to reduce the cost of electricity while the outer cover of the bulb is durable and anti broken.

Another way to save the cost is that you don’t need to install any special sensor, timer, or download an app to control it because of its automation feature.

Improved and advanced security can be experienced with this smart bulb. It lights up at night before you come home or you are not around as long as it is dark because of its built-in light sensor.

VGOGFLY sensor sights dusk to dawn LED light bulbs to consume less power as compared to traditional energy savers available in the market. LED chip unique cooling system ensures the long life of the bulb.

It comes with a 12 months manufacturer’s replacement warranty if there is any problem in the bulb with this time period. It is ideal to light up in hallways, rooms, gardens, porch, schools, courtyards, and where it is essential to light up when it begins to get dark.

It is easy to install. Simply screw into any standard E26/27 fixture. There is no wire or any additional dusk to dawn light socket is required.

3-Great Eagle A19 LED Light Bulb

LED light bulb for outdoor

The Great Eagle A19 LED Light Bulb can give you a cooler and brighter hue that’s closer to daylight. If you are fed up with your old quartz iodine lamp or CFL lamp then you can simply replace it with an A19 LED bulb.

It is an efficient energy-saving LED bulb that consumes just 9 watts. To replace it from your old 60-watt bulb you can comfortably save up to 80% of energy which ultimately reduces your electricity cost.

It will stop the frequent replacement of light bulbs because of its long-lasting life span up to 10,000 hours or over 9.1 years with 3 years manufacturer’s replacement warranty.

You can confidently use it indoors or outdoors and it performs well in all weather conditions. It meets high-quality standards having FCC and ROHS certification.

The North American standard E26 nickel-plated base makes it easy to install with any E26/27 light bulb socket or fixture therefore you don’t need to purchase any additional fixture.

It has a higher CRI of 83+ which produces brilliant realistic colors. You don’t need to wait to warm up like CFL bulbs because it instantly goes on. It can operate up to -4 degrees F. It has 2.3 inches diameter and 4.25 inches height/MOL that is true size to fit in all fixtures.

It is made by a well known USA brand Great Eagle Lighting Corporation. The Great Eagle A19 LED Light Bulb is properly designed and manufactured.

It has UL Listed which means that this bulb is tested and listed by the Underwriter Laboratories’ to ensure the rigorous safety requirements. The noiseless and flicker-free LED light bulb has high quality LED lighting for professional and home use.

It immerses the area in brighter light whether it is indoor or outdoor.

4-TORCHSTAR LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Light Bulb

LED sensor light bulb

TORCHSTAR LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Light Bulb produces more light to consume less energy. It is equipped with the latest external light-sensitive detection that only detects sunlight rather than other light sources.

Dusk to dawn feature allows automatic lighting up at night and stays off during the day when light is not needed to save energy. There is no need to manually switch on or off the bulb.

It consumes just 9 watts that is equivalent to 60 watts of the traditional bulb to minimize the electricity cost. It has 500K Daylight glow and CRI 80+ that brings pure and bright illumination to light up every dark corner.

To achieve the higher standard it is UL and Energy Star certified therefore you can comfortably use it into rooms, doorway, patio, driveway, lawn, bathrooms, kitchen, courtyard, porch, garage, and any other indoor or outdoor areas where needed without having any issue.

A standard E26 base is used to let you fix it easily with any E26/27 light socket or fixture. It is an excellent Eco-friendly bulb with low heat emission and does not produce UV, IR, mercury, or any other hazardous emission to save the green environment.

It comes with a hassle-free 3 years manufacturer’s replacement warranty and the company provides excellent after-sales service. TORCHSTAR has a goal to provide quality energy-saving lighting products to its customers. TORCHSTAR LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Light Bulb is one of the best products they produced.

Its advanced LED technology gives superior performance and an enjoyable lighting experience in all weather conditions. This rigorous LED bulb is perfect for extreme cold weather.

It has 800 lumens high light output that provides sufficient lighting distribution which ultimately offers extra protection to your property.

5-Philips A19 LED Dusk to Dawn Frosted Light Bulb

LED bulb by philips

Philips LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Frosted Light Bulb is one of the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather with comfortable light. It provides instant turn on with energy-efficient and flicker-free natural light that won’t degrade over time.

Philips is an energy star mark in the lighting industry for over 125 years they have been improving people’s lives through meaningful innovations. Philips LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Frosted Light Bulb is ideal for home, office, schools, hospitals, garage, courtyard, lawn, patio, and more.

With its built-in light sensor that turns on automatically with the sunset and turns off automatically when the sun rises to provide maximum security and save your property.

It keeps your hand free to physically turn on and off the light. It consumes less energy as compared to traditional light bulbs and even lesser to the regular LED bulbs.

It consumes just 8 watts to save energy and prominently reduces the electricity cost.

The manufacturer claims that this smart and long-lasting bulb can last for 22+ years. It is a non-dimmable LED bulb suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It gives 800 lumens to ensure the soft white light equivalent to 60 watts of the incandescent bulb which simply means 75% or less energy consumption. Philips LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Frosted Light Bulb offers clean, brighter, natural light with exceptional clarity.

It has a standard E26 nickel-plated base therefore you are not required to purchase any additional fixture because it can screw with any E26/27 regular used light sockets.

Philips LED bulb is mercury-free so it doesn’t contribute any hazardous emission in the environment to keep people and the environment safe.

You don’t need to frequently replace your bulb because the Philips LED bulb’s expected lifetime is up to 22,000 hours (based on three hours per day).

6-Bioluz BR40 LED Light Bulb

brightest LED bulb energy saving

Bioluz BR40 is a funnel-shaped with a sealed top LED light bulb. A unique feature of this LED bulb is dimmable that delivers smooth dimming from 100-10% for an inviting atmosphere anytime.

It gives excellent performance for indoor and outdoor use in any type of weather conditions. Bioluz BR40 LED 13 watts floodlight equivalent to 100 watts of the traditional bulb which means higher illumination with less consumption of energy and reduction in electricity cost. You can save up to 86% of electricity.

It reduces the frequent replacement of light bulbs with its long life. This bulb produces soft and white light to keep the environment cool and bright while 3000K is an ideal glow for indoor and outdoor use.

It is an all-rounder LED bulb perfect for kitchen, rooms, garage, walkways, lawn, office, quart yard, patio, and all other places where a brighter light is needed.

Bioluz BR40 LED Light Bulb is UL listed, FCC approved and RoHS and shatterproof therefore you can comfortably use this bulb anywhere in all seasons.

You can enjoy a cozy light makeover with this great LED bulb. It is an excellent Eco-friendly LED bulb because it doesn’t emit mercury so as to protect the green environment.

The unique design and features make it one of the most demanding LED light bulbs for extreme weather. The standard shape E26 base allows easy installation with E26/27 regular used light sockets.

It has 4.72 inches in width and 6.26 inches in length. The aluminum heat sink in the LED light base increases its life and the expected lifetime of this long life bulb is 13.7 years.

It is an excellent shock and vibration resistant while 110 degrees LED beam angle produces perfect brightness.

7-LOHAS Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulb

led light bulb for outdoor

LOHAS Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulb is a superior energy saver. It is an ideal LED bulb for indoor and outdoor use. A latest built-in light sensor is used to detect the light intensity to automatically turn on the bulb at night and turn off the light when the sun rises.

It makes your life easy to stop manually switching the light on and off. Automation provides security and keeps your property safe. It is an efficient energy saver 6 watts LED bulb equivalent to 40 watts of the traditional incandescent bulb.

In this way, it can save up to 85% of energy which ultimately reduces your electricity cost. Its power is even less than the regular LED bulb.

Excellent performance can be observed with its 5000K crystal white glow while 500 lumens fresh and cozy brightness. LOHAS Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulb can be widely used in home, office, schools, hospitals, garage, courtyard, garden, street, wall, and many other places where white light is required.

It has an E26 medium screw nickel base to install it easily. You don’t need any special fixture or wire, simply screw into an E26/26 light socket.

Durability and reliability is the main concern of this smart LED bulb. The manufacturer of this bulb claims that it can last up to 30,000 hours so the long-lasting life span will reduce frequent re-lamp.

LOHAS is a well-known brand that provides one-stop lighting solutions to its client’s across the globe. LOHAS LED light bulbs don’t emit mercury, lead, UR, or IR that makes it Eco-friendly to protect the environment.

It is approved by FCC and RoHS to meet the international standard requirement. You can confidently use LOHAS Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulb in extreme weather.

What you should look for in the best outdoor light bulb for cold weather

You should consider the following factors to get the best outdoor light bulb for cold weather by Choicewar.

Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather


One of the most important factors is the brightness of any type of bulb. LED types of bulbs are much brighter than traditional bulbs. The brightness of the light is directly proportional to the power of the bulb. Higher power means more brightness and vice versa.

Weather resistance

Outdoor light bulbs should have more weather resistance than bulbs used indoors. Some bulbs are considered to be waterproof and they can perform in rain and snow. You don’t need to take any special arrangements to protect them. A good weather-resistant bulb should work in extreme conditions as good as it works in normal conditions.

Motion and Security

Some outdoor bulbs with a built-in motion sensor made for security purposes. They turn on when an object passes by. Another type of bulbs illuminates with 360 degrees light distribution to make it easier to see shadowy corners of the outdoor.

There are some automatic bulbs that automatically turn on at sunset or you can control them from your smartphone through a smartphone app.

Light power

Power consumption is based upon the construction of the light bulb. It is measured in watt and lumens. Higher power gives brighter light but it also increases your electricity bill as well.


A decent outdoor light bulb should be durable. It should be reasonably resistant to fire up or broken after multiple uses.

Energy saving

Everyone wants to pay less. You have to pay according to the energy you consume therefore your bulb should be an efficient energy saver.

Let us now introduce you the recommended bulbs for cold weather

Final Words

We have reviewed the top 7 best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather. Numerous options are available in the market but our experts tried to pick the best.

We already have discussed the types of lighting bulbs in our intro section. They will give you a good idea about how to pick the best light bulb that will serve you better.

Possibilities are there that you could find a better one for you in the market but it is not as simple. You have to search out the whole market to get a reasonable choice.

On the other hand, our experts already have gone through the whole process to make your choice easy for you.

As you know in our list there are some automatic LED bulbs while others are manual. Some of them consume 13 watts and less than 8 watts.

Designs and shapes are also different. Some people like round shapes but there is a large number of consumers who do not want traditional shapes and they might go with funnel-shaped light bulbs.

The whole list of our selected models is suitable for outdoor lighting in the cold weather. You can easily pick one for you according to your need.

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