7 Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers In 2022 – Top Picks

Folding wagons are fun vehicles for toddlers used to move around. These are very exciting ways of transportation. You can easily put your kids along with their toys to go on the beach, park, or somewhere else.

Plenty of reasonable options are available in the market but in this article, we will introduce you to some of the best folding wagons for toddlers.

Folding wagon for toddlers is a four-wheeled cart that is more than a toy. These wagons are easy to move and possess plenty of space. Seat belts in the folding wagons keep your children safe. It is a decent option when you have a plan for an outing with your kids.

Folding wagons can compactly fold to put into your car without any kind of disassemble. Wagon for toddlers could be the most durable and exciting toy for your kids.

It is a great feeling for a child when someone pulls a wagon while a child is sitting in it. Toddler’s wagons can perform multiple tasks. It is not just a big joy for your kids but you can also complete some household daily tasks as well with this versatile toy.

Top 7 Best Folding Wagon for toddlers Reviews 2022

1-Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for Kids and Cargo Model Number: 3900

Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for Kids and Cargo

Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ is a versatile folding wagon for kids and cargo with easy one-hand fold capability. It has many exciting features including UV detachable canopy, telescopic handle, beverages, and snacks holders, and safety belts. It is perfect for two kids with 120 pounds weight capacity.

Two bench seats with a comfort seat back and safety belts provide a comfortable ride to your kids while thick padded seat cushions are very soft.

The telescopic handle is adjustable according to the height of the parent for the effortless pull. It is designed with a rear storage pouch to put maximum items in it. The unique design allows users both for indoor and outdoor activities.

For indoor use, you can comfortably remove the UV sunshade canopy. To carry into a car you just need to pull the central handle and it will fold into a very compact size.

Radio flyer is a famous brand of household products over 100 years and this product is one of the best products they have manufactured. There are four holders, two are inside the wagon while two outside of the wagon to put drinks or snacks to enjoy your trip in the wagon.

Radio flyer ultimate EZ folding wagon has passed the ASTM F963-16 Toy Safety Standard which makes it reliable. It is made with high-quality material to take a wagon anywhere.

Dura Clean fabric has UPF 50+ rating for sun protection and it is washable and easy to wipe clean. It is perfect for 1 ½+ year’s kids. The weight of the Radio Flyer folding wagon is just 24 lbs to easily carry with one hand.

In short, it is for those who are looking for a stylish folding wagon for two kids.

2-Hauck Eco Wagon – Forest Green

Hauck Eco Wagon - Forest Green

Hauck Eco Wagon is a perfect combo of style and comfort. The high quality and durable ballistic fabric weave is wrapped on a foldable steel tube to make it stylish and durable.

If you are looking for a versatile wagon for your toddlers and carry items on your trip then you should consider this one. You can easily fold this wagon to make it super compact and put it into your car while the fabric of the wagon is hand washable.

Having two cushioned seats, it is perfect for two kids. Multipurpose pull handle has 110 cm height from the ground while you can smoothly pull up 110 lbs of weight.

The steel tube frame is extremely durable and supportive and removable weather canopy protects your kids and belongings from sunlight and rain. The comfortable folding mechanism allows folding it within seconds and it can be fit in the trunk of an average size automobile.

It is so smooth to move that even kids can pull it effortlessly because of its sporty full rubber cased wheels which have high quality 2 sets of bearings in the rim.

Another exciting feature of the Hauck ECOmobil wagon is a single hand lock brake that helps to stop the wagon on a slope. This hand pull wagon has a long handle that allows effortless pulling and steering.

You can also use this versatile wagon to carry groceries from the market to your home or even to move household items from one place to another.

The parking brake lever is also an added function to stop the wagon even at the inclined. The recommended ages of children to use this wagon are 18 months to 15 years.

It is a very convenient toy for your kids which can make your fun trips memorable each time.

3-Blue Free Ice Cooler Push and Pull Handle Folding Baby Stroller Wagon

Blue Free Ice Cooler Push and Pull Handle Folding Baby Stroller Wagon

Blue Free Ice Cooler Push and Pull Handle Folding Baby Stroller is a new design wagon with plenty of free storage space. It is constructed with stainless steel to make it durable and long-lasting while it is able to carry up to 120 lbs of weight.

Wider rubber wheels are helpful for comfortable movement on all types of terrain (sand, grass, dirt, gravel). They can rotate at 360 degrees to move your wagon in all directions.

Parents don’t need to worry about the security concerns of their kids because it is equipped with security features like safety belts and weather-protected canopy to save your children from sunlight on a sunny afternoon and rain as well.

It possesses a lovely storage basket to put small toys, drinks, snakes, and other necessary items for your travel. Generally, it comes fully assembled.

You just need to fix the sunshade canopy if required otherwise it is ready to go when it comes out of the box. If you want to disassemble or reassemble it again you can do it without using any special tool.

Convenient folding is faster and can make it less than 10% of its entire size therefore you can store it into a shelf of your storeroom or put it into the trunk of your car for easy transportation.

The folded wagon can be put on its own bag. There are two separate pull and push handles on each side of the wagon. High-quality nylon fabric is used that is hand washable.

It comes with a free ice cooler to make your hot day’s trips more joyful. You can simply put ice along with your favorite beverages to keep them cool and ice can be used to drink cool water on the beach.

4-Creative Outdoor Push-Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon Stroller Cart for Kids

Creative Outdoor Push-Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon Stroller Cart for Kids

Creative Outdoor Push-Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon Stroller Cart is a good companion for your local trip or travel. This travel-ready wagon is perfect for your kids to take them in the park, trip on the beach, park, picnic, camping, to carry groceries from the store to your home or workaround in your home garden or yard.

With plenty of exciting functions, it consists of two handles one for push and others for the pull on each end on the wagon. A Push handle is used to push the wagon like a stroller while you can also pull it behind you with the help of a pull handle.

The pull handle is extendable and can adjust at two different positions while the push handle is multi-position adjustable. You can also fold a push handle if not in use. It is constructed with a tough steel frame and denier blend fabric to carry up to 150 lbs of weight.

High-quality 2-inch wide rubber tires are used for easy maneuver and smooth movement while strong construction allows users to easily move on all terrain including sand, dirt, grass, pavements, and gravel.

Front wheels can swivel 360 degrees and they also have foot activated wheel brakes to stop the cart. Creative Outdoor Push-Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon is versatile and comes fully assembled.

It is super portable and compact when folded. The size of the folding wagon will be less than 10% of the whole size of the wagon when it is open.

You can comfortably store and carry it into your car trunk. To enhance the security of your kids it is installed with safety belts.

In addition, the fabric used in this wagon is sturdy and hand washable while removable canopy protects your kids or pets from harmful UV rays and rain while they ride in the cart.

5-Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for Kids and Cargo

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for Kids and Cargo

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for Kids and Cargo is a 3 in 1 wagon with multiple exciting features. It is perfect for kids of 1 ½ years or older.

This versatile wagon can easily transform into three different modes. 1st for two kids seating wagon, 2nd stationary bench seating to use it as a bench, and 3rd used flatbed storage to carry groceries or other items in it.

The zipper on the side of the wagon allows easy transformation from hauling to bench seating. Padded seat back cushions are very soft while the durable fabric is used for this wagon and it is easy to wash.

Two cup holders are helpful to put your drink bottles or water in. Comfortable one-hand fold is very convenient for storage and it makes it ultra-portable to carry anywhere.

High-quality Radio Flyer wagon equipped with security features including seat belts and it has passed the ASTM-f963-13 toy safety standard.

With excellent storage capacity, it can haul with up to 150 lbs of weight while rear storage strong loops are also a part of this beautiful wagon. Pull handle is strong enough to pull your two kids or up to 150 pounds of weight.

It is a full-sized wagon made with a sturdy metal frame and DuraClean fabric that is hand washable and wipes clean. Rubber tires are very quiet and smooth on all terrains (pavement, sand, mud, gravel).

Folding mechanism is so simple that you can fold it with your one hand. You just need to pull the central folding handle to fold it.

If you are looking to buy a stylish and versatile folding wagon with an affordable price and plenty of exciting features then you should consider this one.

6-EasyGo Sports EGP-WGN-001-R Heavy Duty Folding Wagon

EasyGo Sports EGP-WGN-001-R Heavy Duty Folding Wagon

EasyGo Sports EGP-WGN-001-R is a heavy-duty folding wagon used for multiple purposes. Hassle-free setup is quick to fold and unfold within seconds.

This collapsible wagon’s body covering and canopy are made with premium 600D waterproof polyester fabric to save your kids and precious belongings from harmful UV rays and rain.

High-quality fabric is specially designed for outdoor use to give maximum protection weatherproof risk-free experience. You don’t need to assemble your newly purchased EasyGo Sports heavy duty folding wagon because it comes fully assembled.

You just need to add the canopy if needed. Folding is very simple, just pull the central folding handle to fold it that makes it ultra-compact for an easy fit into the trunk of the car.

It is very lightweight therefore highly portable. Heavy-duty Rubber tires have a broad diameter of 8 inches and they are smooth and quiet fit for all terrains including pavements, sand, gravel and on your lawn.

A frame of the wagon is made with sturdy metal to make it durable for years. EasyGo sports folding wagon is not just stylish but also very durable.

An outer basket is attached to keep small items in it while the pull handle is effortlessly adjustable at any suitable position. EasyGo Sports collapsible wagon has the capacity to haul up to 150 lbs of weight.

It is a perfect choice for those who are looking to buy a lightweight, durable, stylish, ultra-portable folding wagon with plenty of storage capacity.

It comes in 3 very attractive colors to select one of your favorite. To ensure the protection of your kids, it is equipped with safety belts.

7-Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus

Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus

Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus is one of the best latest design wagons. The super luxurious wagon is perfect for two toddlers with a lot of features. Let’s get ready for your outdoor family adventure with Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 stroller wagon.

It is designed not just with style but also with safety and utility. Made with high-quality materials, a 3-points safety harness belt ensures the safety of your little ones.

Extra support is given to your kids by the versatile Seat2Mat. The added security features include extra-large canopy with UPF 50+ to protect your kids from harmful sun rays and rain while airflow mosquito netting keeps away mosquitoes in an open area.

Parent storage console can be used to keep the parent’s belongings and flip over storage basket also use to put snakes and small toys for your kids.

Two large and two small durable rubber wheels allow easy swivel and maneuver while parents can stop the wagon with easy touch brakes present besides the big wheels.

A car seat adapter is also available to fix the babysitter on it. The versatile hideaway pull handle is used for wagon mode while for stroller mode transformation, an adjustable push handles it there with a storage tray.

Lie down mats can convert to extra cushioned seats and a removable center console with snack storage and cup holder can fix when needed. There are also outer storage pockets to put beverage bottles.

The telescopic slim folding mechanism is quite simple to store the wagon or to carry it in your car’s trunk. If you have smaller space you can easily off wheels for even more compact storage.

Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus is perfect for 6+ months kids with raised seats and deep carriage. It is a stylish, luxurious, and durable folding wagon.

How to pick the best wagon for your kid?

We have done the hard work for you to choose the best wagon for your toddlers. Our dedicated team has taken proper market search to know the factors that you should keep in mind before finalizing a folding wagon for your little one.


One of the most important factors of the best wagon is the comfort level. It should be extremely comfortable so that your kids enjoy the ride rather they hesitate to use it. Some wagons used textile materials to enhance versatility and flexibility. Comfortability depends upon the design and the material used to construct the wagon. Push or pull handle should be comfortable because it is the main source to keep moving the wagon.


Wagon size and weight capacity also matter. It should have plenty of space to put all of your kids along with their necessary items. It is a good idea to go with foldable wagons. These types of foldable wagons are compact in size, highly portable and you can comfortably carry them where you go.


An attractive design of the wagon creates more joy and happiness. From classic to modern designs a lot of options are available in the market. The majority of the manufacturers focus on design and style because it is the first factor that every buyer considers. The design should attract in the first instance. Sunshade canopy is an ideal feature if you want to use your wagon for outdoor activities otherwise for indoor use you might don’t need to go with canopy design.


You should also consider durability. Wagons are made with a combination of different kinds of materials including plastic, metal, and wood. Plastic wagons are easy to wash and also have lightweight while wood and metal are used to make it sturdy.


The safety of your children could be the main issue in the wagon. A decent toddler’s wagon should have seat belts to keep your children safe.


Wagons come with different features and prices. We are pretty sure that you can easily pick one from our best wagon list.

Final verdict

As we know that folding wagons for toddlers is a great way of transportation with fun. Although they have multi-functions, it is a perfect big toy for your children.

The majority of the wagons are made to fit only two children while some are strictly for toys and gears. We have taken extra care to introduce you only the best available folding wagons for your kids.

They have different styles and features at various prices. We have done hard work for you to deeply search the market for choosing the top model folding wagons for you.

We already have discussed in our article’s intro which factors you should have to consider before finalizing the best folding wagon for you.

We are pretty much sure that this article will be a good source for you to make a final decision.

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