7 Best Earbuds for Xbox One In 2022 – Top Gaming Earbuds

Xbox one video gaming console is equally popular among kids, teenagers, and the elderly. Playing games is an exciting experience for everyone and is a good source of entertainment while you stay at home. Xbox one is a top-level video gaming console and it is famous for its advanced level games.

These games have high-quality visuals and amazing sounds. Players of the games enjoy the sounds of shooting, breaking, and twisting. Xbox users sometimes use headphones to enhance the sound quality but these headsets are quite big and bulky.

Top 7 Best earbuds for Xbox one reviews In 2022

The other way to enjoy the fantastic sounds of Xbox is earbuds. In this article, we will talk about the best earbuds for Xbox one.

Regular earbuds cannot produce the quality of sound as you required therefore you need those earbuds which are specially designed for gamers. Such earbuds produce high-quality sound and make your gaming experience unforgettable.

These earbuds produce not just high-quality sound but they also have an ergonomic design and lightweight. Another benefit of using these earbuds is that you can easily solve the problem for those people around you who are annoyed by the sound of your Xbox one games and don’t want to listen to it.

Various types of earbuds are available in the market but they all are not good for Xbox. It is really a tedious task to find the best earbuds.

Our experts have carefully studied and researched these earbuds and make a list of the top 7 best earbuds for the Xbox one. If you carefully read our article then you can easily make your final decision to buy the best earbuds for you.

1-Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB50AP/R Earbuds

Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB50AP/R Earbuds

Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB50AP/R is an excellent earbud for Xbox one. You can simply enjoy the deep bass of your games with these earbuds. It is designed professionally and carefully to deliver powerful sound.

The 12mm dome type and extra bass design are the unique factors of this amazing gadget. To ensure the perfect fit into your ears it is made with hybrid soft silicon. You can easily wear it without any hassle.

These earbuds come with three different colors black, blue and red. You can easily connect with its cable while an integrated microphone is also a part of the cable.

Therefore you can also use it as hands-free to connect with your mobile to send or receive calls.

It is made by one of the best brands Sony. It is a well known audio equipment manufacturer whose superior products are reliable and quality conscious. Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB50AP/R earbuds are extremely lightweight so you can use them for hours to play your favorite games without irritating.

The box of Sony MDR-XB50AP/R earbuds also includes 4 different sizes replaceable ear tips and a cloth carrying pouch. It has a Y-type 1.2m cable length that is sufficient enough. The high-quality material is used to make this top-notch product.

It is sturdy and durable and you can use it for frequent use with multiple devices. The specialty of this superb earbuds is the extraordinary bass quality that makes it distinguished from regular earbuds while the high energy neodymium magnets are used for clear and powerful sound.

The hybrid design increases the elasticity to make it super fit into your ear canal. You can concentrate on your Xbox video games with its amazing passive noise isolation feature.

With a lot of incredible features, the price of these earbuds is very affordable.

2-Blue Fire 3.5 MM Wired Earphone with Noise Cancelling Stereo Bass

Blue Fire 3.5 MM Wired Earphone with Noise Cancelling Stereo Bass

Blue Fire 3.5 MM with Noise Cancelling Stereo Bass is a futuristic wired earphone with an attractive look. It is compatible with multiple devices including Xbox One, PS4, desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhones, PSP, tablet, cell phones, and many others.

The design is very unique and attractive with a detachable microphone. You don’t need anymore to wear hot and heavy headphones because now you have a lightweight and comfortable Blue Fire wired earphone with noise-canceling stereo bass.

Its superior quality and cozy memory foam earbuds allow you to enjoy your Xbox one game for continuous hours without any tiredness.

It is carefully designed with an advanced Noise isolation feature that makes it a perfect fit to block out ambient noise and distraction which ultimately provides you superb bass stereo sound and minimizes noise reduction.

Noise isolation technology intelligently picks up sounds with great sensitivity to remove the noise.

With its outclass advanced features and extraordinary sound clarity it has become an essential accessory to enjoy the high-quality sound in the virtual gaming world of Xbox one.

It has extra-long over 7 feet of cable length that allows you to sit at a reasonable distance in front of the screen. Moreover, the box of Blue Fire wired earphones also consists of 3 pairs of interchangeable soft silicon earbuds (small, medium, and large) which can be used by any type of ears, 3 pairs of the inner loop, and a stylish storage bag to keep your earbuds safe.

It is a very convenient plug and play product therefore you can easily connect it with any device. The Omnidirectional microphone can rotate up to 120 degrees to perfectly transmit high-quality communication.

3-AIR SIX Earbuds with High-fidelity Audio and Deep Bass

AIR SIX Earbuds with High-fidelity Audio and Deep Bass

AIR SIX Earbuds with High-fidelity Audio and Deep Bass has an ergonomic shape with better sound quality than traditional earbuds. The unique and attractive designed earbuds consist of dual dynamic drivers to enhance the sound with high fidelity audio and deep bass to provide perfect sound performance.

These lovely earbuds are ideal for professional use. Gamers, music lovers, and musicians love it. The ergonomic oblique angled design naturally matches your ear canal and Avant-grade so you can use it comfortably for your long gaming sessions.

The appearance is very stylish and the simple, smooth curve makes it unique from others. A multifunctional control key allows users to answer the calls, reject/end calls, play/pause sounds, next track, and previous track while the integrated microphone is also available to allow hands-free talking.

It is a universal headphone perfectly compatible with all devices having 3.5mm jack including Xbox one, laptops, mobile phones, desktops, tablets, iPhone, Android phones, and others. It comes with replaceable 3 pairs of soft ear tips and a hard storage case.

It gives ultra-clear sound with the deepest bass to enjoy the music while playing Xbox one games. Advanced technology is used to construct these earbuds to make them stylish and durable for a longer time span.

You can smoothly hear each and every note of the music to maximize the pleasant sound experience. You don’t feel any distortion, inference, or noise while using AIR SIX earbuds. You can prominently distinguish the great quality of these earbuds with average earbuds.

It is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on sound quality and style. The wire of the earbuds is long enough and good build quality makes AIR SIX Earbuds sturdy and durable.

4-GranVela VJJB V1 Dual Driver High Definition Earbuds with Noise Isolation

GranVela VJJB V1 Dual Driver High Definition Earbuds with Noise Isolation

GranVela VJJB V1 Dual Driver High Definition Earbuds with Noise Isolation are specially designed for gaming with exceptional sound quality. It is ideal earbuds for Xbox one having clear and loud sounds. Smartly designed to use the latest technology to meet today’s advanced user’s requirements.

The ergonomic design earphones are perfectly fit with all types of ears. The exceptionally high-performance speakers for lower distortion and frequency are compatible with your on the go routine lifestyle whether you are in a bus, aircraft, metro, streets, shopping mall, drive, reading a book, or doing exercise you can comfortably wear these superb earphones.

Premium quality material is used to make these earbuds. You can simply enjoy each and every moment of your favorite games with extraordinary sound quality earbuds.

It consists of a high definition neodymium dual-driver to produce high performance with a hi-fi sound guarantee. Hundreds of advanced gamers and music lovers are fans of GranVela VJJB V1 Dual Driver High Definition Earbuds. The unique style of these earbuds is exceptionally good and attractive.

It is made with detailed attention that can affect the sound quality therefore the cable used in these earbuds is soft yet tough and specifically customized for earphone enthusiasts. High-quality OFC oxygen-free CU wire ensures that the transmission is never lost.

The length of the cable is 1.2m which is sufficient enough. It comes with 3 extra pairs of silicone ear tips and a decent storage case. Wider frequency response and higher sensitivity allow users to experience better listening to sound.

It can easily connect with all devices having a 3.5 mm connectivity slot because it has a gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack. GranVela VJJB V1 High Definition Earbuds comes with a 12 months manufacturer warranty.

It is a great idea for Christmas or birthday gifts.

5-Maxin Wired Gaming Earphone with Adjustable Mic

Maxin Wired Gaming Earphone with Adjustable Mic

Maxin Wired Gaming Earphone with Adjustable Mic is one of the best earbuds for Xbox one. The design is very attractive and easy to use for long sessions of advanced games. It comes with three charming colors black, green, and red.

This multipurpose earbud is very convenient to use not just for E-Sports but also can be used with Cell phones, PS4, Computer, laptop, tablet, and with all other devices which have 3.5 mm connectivity capability.

Extra-long wire with desktop cord extension has 2.2m total length so that you can sit at the right distance from your computer screen without affecting your eyesight. It exactly meets the gaming requirements.

A dual controllable microphone can pick up 360 degrees voice with its amazing Back pole captivity electrets pick up sensor. It ensures a stable call in the game Wheat security with its high sensitivity.

Mic has a superb feature of Noise-canceling to produce a clear voice while talking. It has 110mm length and can rotate up to 160 degrees. Three small control buttons on it allow users to control volumes, open or shutdown mic, and answer key to accept calls.

These buttons not only support cell phones but also Xbox one games and PC games to control the volume conveniently. Maxin Wired Gaming Earphones let you enjoy just music and sound without having any ambient noise with its exciting feature of active noise isolation.

It is lightweight and durable. The strong bass stereo sound keeps you active and energetic while playing games. To make it universal for everyone’s ears it comes with 3 extra pairs of earbuds (small, medium, and large) and 3 pairs of inner loop as well.

A decent portable earphone bag is also included in the package.

6-HyperX Cloud Earbuds for Gaming with Mic

HyperX Cloud Earbuds for Gaming with Mic

HyperX Cloud Earbuds for Gaming are used for comfortable and hassle-free gaming audio on the go. It is an ideal for Xbox one as well as the Nintendo Switch gamers who want to enjoy taking their games outside. It is specifically designed to keep the requirements of the gaming requirements.

It comes with three sizes of patented soft silicone ear tips to satisfy all users with signature HyperX comfort. The crystal clear sound quality and powerful bass enhance your gaming experience with immersive gaming audio.

It is equipped with a slim in-line mic for phone calls and game chat that enables you to communicate with others and in-game chat. A multifunction button is used to control streaming media and answer calls.

It is compatible with all devices having CTIA standard connectors. A tangle-free cable and 90 degrees angled plug optimized for handheld mode.

A beautiful travel-ready carrying case comes along with the HyperX Cloud Earbuds that is perfect for secure storage and portability. HyperX Cloud Earbuds are made with high-quality material to make it durable.

You can easily connect HyperX Cloud Earbuds with Xbox one, android phones, tablets, computers, PS4, laptops, and many other devices that have 3.5mm connectivity option. You can confidently replace your old bulky headphones with these lightweight and stylish earbuds to get hi-fi sound quality.

The design is simple but attractive and very comfortable with your ears. You can enjoy each and every beat of the sound without disturbing others around you. The cable length is quite good according to the requirements of gaming.

It provides you enhanced flexibility and freedom to slip it into your pocket or purse. It is a simple plug and play product with superior audio clarity.

7-Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Earbuds

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Earbuds

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Earbuds is one of the best earbuds for Xbox one with plenty of exciting features. It is made of solid and sturdy material. If you don’t compromise on the quality of sound and quality of material then you should go with these superb earbuds.

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Earbuds are incredibly lightweight that makes it perfect for continuous use of hours while playing games. The thundering bass of these earbuds maximizes your Xbox one gaming experience.

It is very simple, stylish but produces louder and crystal clear sound. It features 10mm extra-large dynamic drivers for stellar audio fidelity to experience premium acoustic clarity and more robust audio.

Its optimized inner acoustic chamber makes it over 20% larger than the original Razer Hammerhead. Extra-long flat style cable is used for toughness on the go and convenience to use it with the system at a proper distance.

New complementary and attractive design Razer Hammerhead Pro retains its signature durability factor. Premium quality body construction enables improved acoustics while flat cable offers fuss-free mobility and easy storage while on the go.

It is equipped with an inline microphone that is further enhanced with three quick action remote control buttons to control the volume and answer the call. These buttons are compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

It has a 3.5mm audio jack that works well with most portable mobile, audio, and computing devices. It is very flexible, user-friendly, and ultra-portable ready to go gadget. To make it extra strong its chassis is constructed with extraordinary durable CNC milled out of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The quality hit higher than you expect from good quality earbuds. Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Earbuds have been carefully crafted to make it smooth allowing you to go without wasting your time untangling the wire.

What should you consider buying the best earbuds for Xbox one?

There are some factors that you should consider to get reasonable earbuds for Xbox one.

Sound quality

Good sound quality is a vital factor that contributes to excitement while playing games. Your earbuds should produce such quality sound as you expected. It should be louder and clearer.

Comfortable design

The first thing that every consumer considers to buy earbuds is its design.  The design of the earbuds should be ergonomic. It should not create any issue for your ears. The design should not just be attractive and beautiful but it should also qualify a higher comfort level.

Wired earbuds

Wired earbuds should have slightly longer cable so that you can comfortably sit at a proper distance from your computer/laptop without damaging your eyesight. The material of the cable doesn’t matter whether it could be made with soft or hard material.

Wireless earbuds

Options are available to buy wired or wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds connect with different wireless technologies mostly with Bluetooth. Therefore you should be very careful to select wireless earbuds because to use this kind of earbuds your system should be Bluetooth technology-enabled.


Another important factor is noise. Some low-quality earbuds produce noise therefore you will not get the higher quality and crystal clear sound. Your earbuds should be noise-free.

Let’s begin to deep dive to talk about the best available earbuds for Xbox one.

Final words

No doubt earbuds are a very useful tool to improve your Xbox one gaming experience. They are used not just for Xbox one but also used for mobile, audio, and computing devices as well.

There are hundreds of earbuds available in the market with different designs, styles, features, and prices but they all are not good to use with Xbox One. Therefore we have picked only those which are perfect with Xbox one to maximize your gaming experience.

One of the most important factors that you should keep in mind before buying earbuds suits you that it should be compatible with your device.

Manufacturers are making earbuds with different connectors. Some earbuds are compatible with android devices and gaming consoles while others are compatible with iOS devices. If you want to get earbuds for Xbox use then it should have a 3.5mm audio jack.

We already have discussed in our article’s introduction section about the main factors that one of the best earbuds for Xbox one should. This will be really helpful for you to find a great earphone for your Xbox one.

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