Top 7 Best Cheap Digital Camera Under 50$ In 2022 – Top Models

A camera is a basic tool for any kind of photography. Professional photographers generally love the latest cameras with plenty of functions but in this article, we will talk about the best cheap digital camera under 50 dollars.

These cheap digital cameras are perfect for beginners or amateur photographers. With the passage of time cameras have transformed from manual to digital.

Photography is an art and it is one of the most rapid passions for millions of people around the world. Capturing the important and exciting moments of daily life is now becoming a hobby of many people especially for those who have smartphones or have digital cameras.

Smartphones are good to take pictures but there is a big difference in the quality of picture taking, one from the smartphone and the other from the digital camera. Smartphones have an additional feature of cameras while digital cameras are specifically designed to take high-quality pictures.

You can professionally use digital cameras for indoor or outdoor photography. Dedicated lenses used in the digital cameras give a superb performance, desired focus, and color accuracy.

Digital cameras are compact in size, lightweight, and large storage capacity to save maximum numbers of photos. They also allow users to make small movie clips.

7 Best Cheap Digital Camera Under 50$ Reviews 2022

The demand for digital cameras is increasing day by day. Although there are various options available in the market for digital cameras with different functions, prices, and qualities but to find the best cheap digital camera under 50 could be a tedious task.

If you are looking to buy the best cheap digital camera under 50 dollars then you have landed on the right page. After thorough research, our dedicated team has made a list of top 7 best cheap digital cameras under 50 to facilitate you to select one of them effortlessly.

1-AbergBest 21 Megapixels 2.7 inch LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera

AbergBest 21 Megapixels 2.7 inch LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera

AbergBest 21 Megapixels 2.7 inch LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera is one of the best options to buy an affordable digital camera under 50 dollars. This portable multi-function camera is capable of digital still images, video record, webcam, voice record, and playback.

It comes with 5 attractive colors black, silver, blue, red, and rose gold to satisfy both males and female demand. Two colors black and silver belong to men while red and rose gold are popular among ladies.

Blue color can use both genders. A large 2.7 inch TFT LCD provides a vivid display of photos and videos. You can take up to 21 megapixels resolution photos to capture HD masterpiece images or videos.

SD card support functionality allows users to increase the storage up to 64 GB but you have to be clear that the package box doesn’t include SD card.

You have to purchase an SD card separately from any reliable certified brand. It has plenty of smart features including anti-shake, smile capture, self-timer, night shooting mode, face detects, continue shot, and 8x digital zoom.

Newest photogs express software is used for quick photo editing, printing, and sharing your memories with your friends or family through emails.

It makes you ready to freeze every memorable moment of your life. Optimization of your camera images and videos is quite simple.

You just need to connect your camera via USB cable and transfer your data from the camera to your computer. A built-in flash is used with distance focus mode otherwise the screen will display macro mode no flash.

A battery automatic lock fits batteries at the proper place when you insert and push batteries into the battery compartment.

2-Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom

Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom

Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom is a perfect choice for newbie and users with a limited budget.

It comes with 4 different colors black, silver, blue and red. Prestige matters when a company has a top-ranking position in the market. This is the main reason that Canon has seriously invested to make an inexpensive digital camera without damaging its reputation.

It is equipped with many advanced functions including Smart auto intelligent settings from 32 predefined shooting situations. Smart auto is an automatic and intelligent system to set proper settings after detecting what is going on in the scene.

It also makes possible superb display for any level photographer regardless of beginner or experienced professional. It features 14.1 megapixels resolution picture quality with 4x wide-angle optical zoom.

The design is very attractive characterized with a smooth finish and easy access control buttons are used to handle the camera with perfection.

To view vivid and clear images a large 2.7 inch LCD is installed. Capturing photos or making small movie clips are not a big deal with this versatile camera.

You can record incredibly realistic 720p HD videos to experience high-quality playback. Shooting at darker places a built-in flash is used while built-in creative filters used to add professional-looking artistry to your photography.

Box of Canon Powershot A2200 has Canon Powershot A2200 digital camera, battery charger CB-2LA, battery-pack NB-8L, USB interface cable, wrist strap, AV cable, camera manual CD, and one-year manufacturer warranty card.

This amazing camera ensures to get dramatic and memorable images and videos whether you are photographing landscapes, your family at the park, or a captivating sunset.

Live view control enables color, brightness, and tone adjustments using easy to understand controls.

3-GordVE 2.7 inch Digital Camera

GordVE 2.7 inch Digital Camera

GordVE 2.7 inch is a compact small size digital camera that is the best fit into your pocket. With a large screen, 8x digital zoom, and 18 megapixels CMOS sensor support to give a vivid and clear image and video shooting results.

This lightweight HD digital camera is ultra-portable with a lanyard for convenient travel use. High capacity lithium rechargeable batteries consume less energy with reduced charging time and they can support more than 60 minutes of camera work.

To increase the storage capacity it has an SD card slot that supports up to 32 GB cards to capture the maximum number of HD photos without worry about the storage shortage.

SD card is not included with the camera box therefore you have to purchase it separately. No worry to share your shots to your social media with its USB interface that is easily connected to your computer to transfer files.

It is an inexpensive camera good enough for entry-level users, newbie, and students because it is easy to operate. Yet it is not good for professional photography.

Built-in Pho Tags software is used to enhance your image printing and sending photos to your family or friends via email. It is equipped with many exciting features including face detection, Continuous shoot, anti-shake, smile capture, and self-timer.

Moreover, it also comes with a built-in flashlight to provide excellent performance in low light conditions while the hot shoe interface supports open flashlight according to scene requirements.

The internal microphone and the speaker are used for sound recording videos and playback. A large 2.7 inch TFT LCD gives vivid images and videos.

Auto night mode can take high-quality shots at darker conditions. It stores images in JPEG format and video in AVI format.

4-Bell+Howell WP7 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with HD Video

Bell+Howell WP7 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with HD Video

Bell+Howell WP7 16 MP waterproof digital camera with HD video is good for both still images photography and high-quality HD videos.

It preserves your memorable moments at 16 megapixels photo resolution and records super-smooth 720p HD video resolution for clearer content.

These high-quality images are easy to crop and enlarge. Bell+Howell WP7 digital camera is good to take shooting your indoor family or friend’s parties as well as for your outdoor adventures.

Style with durability combines in this rugged and compact camera. You don’t need to take tension if it accidentally drops into the water because it is waterproof up to 10 feet.

Memory card slot supports Micro SD card up to 16 GB to enhance the storage capacity to get numerous shoots. The design of the camera is pretty simple and user friendly.

Face detection and image stabilization are the added functions. A large and bright 2.7-inch display is ideal to review still image shooting and easy playback of videos. Long-distance and intimate close-ups can capture through its powerful 8x digital zoom.

To get optimal results you can choose between six unique scene modes including auto, landscape, portrait, night scenery, backlight, and sport that adhere to your subject.

The Smile shutter feature automatically snaps a photo to detect a smiley face in the frame. The good news is that a tripod is not compulsory to take high-quality images because of its advanced built-in image stabilization system.

The anti-shake image stabilization feature ensures to take crisp and clear photos to prevent blur caused by camera shake and vibration.

The small size, lightweight and compact WP7 digital camera is your ultimate travel companion to bring with you wherever to travel to save your unforgettable memories.

5-ISHARE Digital Camera for Photography with 2.8 inch LCD

ISHARE Digital Camera for Photography with 2.8 inch LCD

ISHARE digital camera for photography with 2.8 inch LCD is the best Christmas gift for kids and a new year gift for the elderly. 20 megapixels photo resolution and 1080p HD videos with powerful 8x digital zoom can record your memories and the most precious smiles of your friends and family.

Digital zoom is used just to zoom in or zoom out only not to focus subjects. An extra-large 2.8-inch viewfinder TFT LCD display is used to present the clear and vivid visuals.

It is equipped with many exciting features including face recognition, anti-shake system, continuous shoot. In addition, smile face detection is used to save every smile into your unforgettable memory.

It is a mini camera that can be perfectly placed in your hand, pocket, and fit into your purse or backpack. Powerful change can be experienced with its 800 MA Li-ion battery.

It can directly charge through a USB connector and you can take up to 80 minutes continuous photography with a single charge. The only drawback of the ISHARE digital camera is that though it has a microphone to record sound video clips but doesn’t have a speaker.

Another exciting feature of this versatile digital camera is a Multiple Effects feature that allows users to take photos or videos with different effects.

These wonderful and interesting effects are normal, sepia, red, green blue, B&W, warm, cool, sunset binary, vivid, and many others. Face detection captures your every smile’s time.

To use it indoors or in the dark environment built-in flash, take clear pictures. You can comfortably transfer your photos and videos into your computer and share them with your family and friends with AV cable and USB.

It supports up to 32 GB external SD card to increase the storage capacity.

6-Vmotal HD Mini Digital Camera with 2.8 inch LCD

Vmotal HD Mini Digital Camera with 2.8 inch LCD

Vmotal HD Mini Digital Camera with a 2.8 inch LCD is a good option to purchase a cheap camera with numerous functions. This small and compact camera comes in two colors black and red and has a stylish look.

You can watch clear and vivid quality playback immediately on a wider 2.8 inch TFT LCD display that you are filming. It can be used as a PC webcam to chat online with your friends and family.

Connectivity of the camera with the computer is pretty straightforward and simple. Many exciting functions increase its worth including face detection, continuous shot, self-timer, smile capture, panorama and self-timer.

The anti-shake image stabilization system reduces the blur in your photos to produce flawless high-quality HD images. It can capture up to 12 megapixels resolution pictures and 720p HD videos.

Lightweight design, compact and small size makes it ultra-portable to carry around and capture all of your happy moments anywhere and anytime.

It is a lovely gift idea for beginners, children, teenagers, and the elderly because of its two factors, one is the reasonable price and the other is the user-friendly functionalities.

A long-lasting and powerful 800mah rechargeable battery comes with the camera that is capable of using the camera up to 80 minutes after being charged.

Built-in flash supports to take clear photos in a low light environment and indoor activities. You can install an external SD card to increase the storage capacity.

The SD card does not come with this digital camera rather you have to purchase it if required. It offers plenty of various effects to take exciting still photography and videos as well as multiple screen modes including auto, night, portrait, landscape, beach, high sensitivity, and sports.

7-SEREE Pocket Digital Camera with 2.7 inch LCD

SEREE Pocket Digital Camera with 2.7 inch LCD

SEREE pocket digital camera is one of the best cheap digital cameras under 50 dollars of budget. It is user friendly, very simple, and attractive with various useful features.

High resolution 30 megapixels digital camera can support 1080p video resolution and store photos in JPEG image format and AVI video format. This small, lightweight, and compact digital camera is a perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.

A convenient hand strap allows you to move along safely anywhere. A built-in flash is installed to take brilliant shots even in low light conditions.

A long-lasting powerful 750mAh rechargeable battery and the USB cable is included in the package. Direct recharge of batteries is possible with a USB jack.

SEREE pocket digital camera features various multi-functions including face detection, continuous shoot, smile capture, anti-shake, and self-timer.

The W/T button is used to zoom in or out with the help of its 8x digital zoom to see objects near and far away while the M key enables to switch photo and video mode.

Superb 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen enables immediate playback of your recent take photo or video.

The anti-shake feature minimizes the blur effect caused by the vibration or handshake while taking pictures. It is an amazing gift idea for your children’s birthday, New Year, or on Christmas.

Compatibility with SD card allows users to instantly enhance the storage capacity up to 128 GB. Although an SD card is not included in the package, you can buy from any authorized dealer if required.

Automatic shut down functionality saves your battery to shut down your camera after a certain period of inactivity. There are many different scene options available including auto, scenery, night, beach, portrait, and high sensitivity.

Features you should consider to buy a digital camera

Image quality

One of the most important factors in any digital camera is its image quality. A decent digital camera gives clear and crisp image quality photos. Digital cameras come with megapixels qualities. Inexpensive cameras have low megapixels while high quality and expensive cameras have high megapixels. 10-12 megapixels are a decent option for these cheap cameras but if you go with 20 megapixels you will definitely get excellent quality pictures.

Battery life

Another important factor is the battery life. The mediocre battery life of a digital camera always annoys the photographer. Battery life should be powerful for smooth photo sessions. Most of the digital cameras come with removable batteries. You can comfortably get spare powerful rechargeable batteries while you go on a picnic or travel.

Zooming capability

If you are taking landscape photography or taking pictures outdoors then your digital camera should have a decent zooming capability. Normal digital cameras come with 2-3 level zooming that is perfect for a small distance of indoor photos.

Build quality

For a longer period of use, your digital camera should have good build quality. This feature makes your camera durable. You can experience reliable shots of any important function.

Final words

Before purchasing an inexpensive digital camera under 50 dollars you should have a realistic approach that these cameras have limited functionalities and scope.

To buy the best digital camera you should have a good understanding of multiple features. It is a little bit difficult to get this technical understanding for an ordinary user that’s why our experts have carefully reviewed the top 7 the best cheap digital cameras under 50 to make your decision easy and correct for you.

No doubt the final decision will be yours but in our expert’s point of view Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom is one of the best cheap digital cameras in our list. It really possesses excellent quality with plenty of advanced features.

A runner up in our list according to our expert opinion is Bell+Howell WP7 16 MP waterproof digital camera with HD video. It is also a decent digital camera with waterproof capability.

You may or may not agree with our expert’s recommendations because definitely your decision will be according to your need, requirement, and your allocated budget.

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